We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all electronic downloads. If you are not satisfied with your download in the first 30 days, simply email us and we will facilitate refunding your credit card or PayPal.

You keep the download!

There are no refunds available for in office services.

We’ll tell you right up front. We have turned away potential clients when we felt our modalities were not appropriate for their needs. Hypnosis is not a panacea for all things, but it can help you make wonderful changes in your life. When you truly desire to make the positive lifestyle changes that you enlist us to help you with, then everything else will just seem easier. The positive changes come from within you. You already have all the answers. The hypnotist just facilitates your ability to turn down the outside noise, allowing you to venture inward; where your true strengths await you.

 Some concerns, like CHRONIC PAIN, TINNITUS, or PTSD, require a doctor’s or therapist’s written permission for us to work with you.

We encourage you to call or email us soon to have your questions answered and make your first appointment. Our schedule fills in quickly.


Weight Management     Exercise Motivation     Pre-Surgery Weight-loss

Follow Your Prescribed Diet (For healthier eating habits)

Chronic Pain (doctor's note required)     PTSD (doctor's/therapist's note required) 

Migraines (doctor's note required)   Tinnitus (doctor’s note required)      

Sports performance     Self-Confidence     Motivation

Overcome Dental Anxiety     Pre-Surgery Anxiety     Pre-Surgery hypnosis prevent Nausea

Stop Smoking     Stop Excessive Drinking

Overcome General Anxiety and Stress Reduction     Fears & Phobias (Heights, Spiders etc.)

Eliminating Nervous Behaviors     Nail Biting     Hair Pulling

Confidence In Public Speaking     Ego Enhancement

Enhanced Focus     Improve Learning Abilities (for all ages)

Enhance Creativity     Develop Intuition

Better Sleep (insomnia)

Self-Care     Caregiver Care     Grief

Unlocking Memories (to find lost items)


Past Life Regression     Live Between Lives     Connect With Your Spirit Guides/Guardian Angel

And much, much more!


Hypnosis can be used to create many changes - if you don’t see your "change" need listed above call us ~ 937.422.2673! 




Angel Balancing Session with Chakra Clearing, Reiki, and Crystal Cord Cutting

Guided Meditation to help you connect with your Guardian Angel or any other Angel to assist you in the changes you seek (prosperity, love, healing, & etc.)

Reiki - Hands on healing, by channeling Universal Life Force into the client.

Reiki Tummo - Using Reiki to clear the chakras and then infuse the body with Universal Life Force for healing



Hypnosis - Single sessions are $90. Many desired changes are amenable to only one session. However, we do offer a “PACKAGE OF 4 SESSIONS” for $300. There are no refunds. We offer flexible hours including evenings and weekends. It is the client's responsibility to use their 4 package appointments within one year of purchase.    Weight management works best as a package because we approach this change from four different angles.

Your first session can go between 1 ½ to 2 hours in length, as we will explain the process and tailor your session to fit your needs. Payment for any session is expected at the appointment. Complete payment of a package session ($300) is expected at first appointment. We accept cash and most credit cards via Square.

Please note that smoking (or chewing tobacco) cessation cost $225. This is an enjoyable two hour session using multiple modalities. Included is our "Resolute Non-Smoker" handbook as well as a take home package of recordings to listen to as needed. Clients with the strongest desire to stop using tobacco will have the best success. Usually no follow-up appointments are required. However, if you find that your results were not as desired or if you just need a "tune up"; we will see you back for one additional session. We charge this amount because it works and to ensure that you are serious about stopping the day of your session.

If you understand that:

- It is time for a change.

- That you are the one which has to enact that change.

- The time for this change is NOW.

Then this program will give you wonderful results. 


Angel Balancing Session - $50 per session

Guided Meditation to connect with your Guardian Angel - $40 per session

Reiki (hands on healing) - $90 per session

Reiki Tummo - $125 per session

 Please note that we do not accept or bill insurance. Medical insurance typically does not pay for hypnosis or reiki.

All payments are to be paid at session, we accept cash and most credit cards via Square.

For more information call us ~ 937.422.2673 OR email at "perhypno@gmail.com"