change your landscape

Mindscaping was discovered by the preeminent hypnotist Mike Mandel. We have taken his training and are pleased to offer it to our clients.

Mindscaping is a fun and interesting interaction between you and your mindscaping coach. Your subconscious has the right map or mindscape for the changes you want to make. Through the use of metaphors and symbology offered by your subconscious, you will clean up the past and clear the path ahead of barriers to enable you to reach your desired change.

This is an enlightening and enjoyable experience. Mindscaping does not require a traditional hypnotic induction. However, many people might experience a light sense of trance similar to that experienced while daydreaming.

Mindscaping can be used for almost any type of desired change. It is typically used to assist in any generative change, to remove obstacles to growth, letting go of the past and even enhancing sports performance.

Mindscaping is one of our favorite tools to use with clients. You will find it amazing, interesting and rewarding.

Because Mindscaping sessions tend to be shorter than regular hypnosis sessions we charge a lower fee for this experience.