Your Brand New Start- Female Voice- 73MB

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Your Brand New Start- Female Voice- 73MB


Balanced Perceptions, LLC proudly presents its first full length guided meditation. Your Brand New Start takes you on a journey to ISME Island, a place where positive change happens. Why wait until the New Year for a New You, on ISME Island your self-transformation begins today! 


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Balanced Perceptions presents Your Brand New Start, an effective guided meditation program that will effectively help you let go of things you no longer need to keep in your life while creating positive changes to push you forward in life!

  • Are you feeling stuck on your path?
  • Do you need inspiration?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the way things are going and need to reorganize the way your life is heading?
  • Are you stuck on your glory days of the past, and unhappy about not experiencing that glory in the present?
  • Are you stuck on the upsets, the heartbreaks and disappointments of the past?

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, then Balanced Perceptions, LLC has a wonderful full-length guided meditation program that will help you get out of that funk and get your life back on track!

  • Your Brand New Start will help you release old memories, traits, and feelings that have held you back from achieving the great things you KNOW you can achieve!
  • Your Brand New Start will help you focus on the now and create a better future for you!
  • Your Brand New Start will help you Manage your life better, as you sort out what you no longer need on your path, and focus on bringing what you do need into your life!

Your Brand New Start takes you on a guided meditation to Isme Island, a place where change happens. On your journey you will experience deep relaxation and comfort, as you are guided to a place where you will release what you no longer need in your current life. Your Brand New Start will help guide you onto a better path, teaching you to live in the present and focus on creating a better and happier future for you.

Balanced Perceptions, knows that you shouldn’t have to wait until the NEW YEAR to start on a NEW YOU. Your NEW YOU can start TODAY or any day of the year! 

Your Brand New Start is kind of like getting a New Year, a new you, a fresh new beginning, where you are able to be rid of the old, and create space for the new – with the best benefit being the fact that you don’t have to wait until the New Year to start over, you can start today!

This program is a complete package consisting of 2 separate audio tracks with over an hour of audio.

  • First, you will learn how to do a proper deep reset breath and enjoy a short guided imagery. This segment will help you to not only relax quickly, but to realize just how powerful your sub-conscious mind is.
  • Your Brand New Start guided meditation which is about an hour in length. Your journey to Isme Island should be thought of as a retreat from day to day life. It is a place where you can go to escape from the day to day stresses, relax, re-set your batteries, redirect your life, and when you leave Isme Island, you will do so feeling good about your future.


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