Reiki music "Reiki Rain on Isme Island" (with chime at 3min or 5 min) 144MB

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reiki rain chime.jpg

Reiki music "Reiki Rain on Isme Island" (with chime at 3min or 5 min) 144MB


Reiki Rain on Isme Island contains two tracks of the same one hour long meditation music. Track 1 has a chime every 3 minutes. Track 2 has a chime every 5 minutes. This will offer the Reiki practitioner an indicator of when to change hand positions- either every 3 minutes or every 5 minutes depending on the track. Please note the first chime occurs at the one minute mark in both sessions. The chime is a bit more prominent than our other version with the gong.

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There is a place tucked away from the world inside of me, and inside of you. It is an island that is me and is you.

Say it to yourself, “It is me.”

ISME Island is “A place where change happens.”

Welcome to your tin roofed hut on Isme Island. Relax into healing comfort as a rejuvenating storm blows in from the sea. The vast ocean so full of life and energy had given rise to this storm.  Now full of energy and life force the rolling winds and rains tap out a rhythmic cadence of healing as the spirits of healing gather to your hut.

Through you this force will flow. You are the conductor focusing the energy so needed here. You are the conductor directing this symphony of healing energy. “Isme” becomes “Is You” as you channel the healing energies to where they are needed.

This one hour long relaxing interplay of nature sounds and music is highlighted either every three or every 5 minutes with a chime or a gong.  This enables the Reiki practitioner to stay within the healing flow but be aware of the timing of switching hand positions. The chime sound is a bit more prominent than the gong and may be more suitable for those practitioners which tend to slip into trance themselves. A plain version without chimes or bells is also available and is of course suitable for any meditation or massage sessions.

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