Cheyenne Rain-mindfulness & meditation music-71MB

new cheyenne rain 12.10.16.jpeg
new cheyenne rain 12.10.16.jpeg

Cheyenne Rain-mindfulness & meditation music-71MB


Now imagine sitting on the porch of your cabin- looking out over the Great Northern Plains. This day has been conquered and all of your concerns are now put away for the day. The rain from an approaching spring storm dances on your tin roof as the birds and flowers come out to play. The life giving rain also calls up the joyful spirits of old…playing their calm healing Native American flutes.

This is a place where change happens.


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This 60 minute long calming thunderstorm will lull you into an increased meditative state as birds and Native American flutes rejoice in the rain. There is a subliminal alpha wave entrainment to help the brain achieve a more creative and meditative level. Please do not listen to while driving or operating equipment.

If you prefer to listen to only the thunderstorm and occasional bird song without the flute, please download the CHEYENNE THUNDERSTORM track.



Native American flute: Eric Van Fossen

Thunderstorm and birds: Mother Nature

Balanced Perceptions, LLC   all rights reserved