HAPPINESS- A Short Road to Happiness-male voice-39Mb


HAPPINESS- A Short Road to Happiness-male voice-39Mb


This short hypnosis program is based on the latest scientific studies and will help you reach a state of happiness every day.

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Happiness is a state of mind and regardless of your present state; this program is designed to allow you to bring yourself to a happy state. At about 25 minutes long it is ideal to listen to on your lunch break or even in the morning before you start your day!

This package consists of 2 separate audio tracks.

  • First, you will learn how to do a proper deep reset breath and enjoy a short guided imagery. This segment will help you to not only relax quickly, but to realize just how powerful your sub-conscious mind is. You should listen to this track at least once before you begin the actual hypnosis session for the first time.
  • A SHORT ROAD TO HAPPINESS hypnosis session which; enables you to have internal happiness as you go about your day. This session is about 25 minutes in length.



1.       “And Patiently I Waited” – Eric Van Fossen

2.         “Karen’s Theme”- www.healthyvisons.com