How Do You Get Your "Personal Time" In Each Day?

Self-care is a mandatory necessity for all! How do you take care of your needs and ensure that you get "personal time" for you each day? Some people enjoy their personal time at the gym, or jogging. Others like to read a book, write, draw, or surf the internet. Personally, I enjoy meditating. Meditating even for just 20 minutes a day can help me reset my energy and feel better about myself.

When I meditate, I listen to relaxing music that will help me to reach a deep level of relaxation. I take deep breaths in slowly to the count of three, and then I hold it in to the count of three and then slowly exhale to the count of six. I repeat this breathing until I reach a state of relaxation and my breathing returns to normal.

Sometimes I use mindfulness or affirmations when I am meditating to help me work on self-change. On a day that I am not feeling well I may say this in my mind when I breathe in "my body is healthy and balanced in all ways" and I will hold that statement of "my body is healthy and balanced in all ways" in to the count of three, and then as I exhale to the count of six, I may focus on something like "with each breath I exhale, sickness is pushed farther and farther away from me."

You can use different types of positive affirmations when you meditate for change, such as:

Breathing in: "Money comes to me from expected and unexpected sources" and breathing out "I manage my money responsibly and I live comfortably within my means."

Breathing in: "I am now attracting only the most perfect relationships into my life" breathing out "I have released all hurtful past relationship experiences, I let go of the past, and give myself permission to start anew and attain the happiness I deserve."

Breathing in: "My life is full of happiness and abundance," breathing out. "I am always in the right place at the right time doing exactly what I need to do, to increase happiness and abundance in my life."

If you are interested in relaxing meditation music, the following link, will take you to an example of our relaxation music.