SUPER FULL MOON IN TAURUS - November 14, 2016

On November 14, 2016 we will experience a rare Super Moon, it will be the brightest and boldest moon that we have seen since 1948, and we won’t see a spectacular site like this again until 2034. The moon will become full at 8:52am EST, USA in the sign of Taurus.


Super Moons tend to heighten emotional sensitivity, but with this one rising in the house of Taurus – it should have more of a grounding, steady, and calming effect – something we need here on Earth – especially after the recent election.


Taurus - the “bull” in many cultures is thought to bring enlightenment, expansion, and clarification; this sign is also symbolic of good fortune, wealth, and success (bringing rapid wealth and strong financial strategy to the forefront). Pay attention to all the insights you get during this RARE Super Full Moon!


I expect this to be a full moon where answers seem to pop up from out of the blue – the effect of this moon is already in place and will only grow stronger until its prime influence early morning on the 14th. You may feel a little emotional as the energy builds up, but as this Super Moon kicks in, the energy will have more of a grounding effect.


Taurus energy sends off a powerful force of focus – to help you get the job done (whatever that job is). It is very grounded, practical and steady. This full moon may help some of you out of a place of procrastination and quickly into a place of steady progress.


For those of you who have experienced cycles of endings throughout the year – this moon brings more stability and calm energy to help you get your life back on track.


Taurus being very grounded with calming/stable energy -  can also help repair self-esteem and self-worth feelings for those of you that may have been on a roller coaster ride with all the changes (endings) this year.


This Super Full Moon with Taurus energy – is a great boon for those who have suffered a lot of loss and endings this year. Taurus’ grounding effect can help you repair and rebuild after those harsh losses. Taurus’ practical/logical energy can inspire you to create the changes you need to experience, in order to direct you back on track with your life’s path in a positive and productive way. I expect much inspiration will come from this moon.


Taurus’ financial influence can lead you to rapid wealth and guide you to take actions to drastically improve your financial situation – pay attention to your insights regarding money!


This moon may have you take a look at your finances and it may inspire you to take more responsibility on how you spend your money. You may look at your credit report and start making repairs – or even consider establishing more credit if you need to (thoughts of what you would like to do with your long term future are starting to come to the surface as the year comes to an end). Listen to any financial related thoughts or impressions during this time, because Taurus is GREAT at strategically planning things out to improve your financial situation.


Taurus energy can inspire you to make shifts in your financial situation to bring prosperity and abundance in your life. Taurus energy can generate success in the business world and with anything that involves long term financial planning – again - pay attention to ideas that may rise during this time, that involve finances or spending of any kind. Taurus is a bull – so this energy is very set on stubbornly achieving success – so if you are interested in improving your finances, your credit, your job situation, moving somewhere else, going on vacation, buying a new car or home in the future, pay attention to the insights that you get during this time!  


2016 in numerology is a number 9 vibration – a year of cycles ending and new beginnings – and a lot of people have experienced some rough endings throughout the year…. now that we are wrapping up the “endings” part we are now ready to start creating newer and better things in our lives.   


Thoughts of the future may be in your mind right now. Distant planning, vacations, job changes, moving, and changes in your finances may be floating through your head – WHY? Because the Universe is working to help you create your “NEW BEGINNING” and right now, with Taurus energy in SUPER FULL MOON force, this is a perfect time to start planning things out. Taurus = strategic planning and success!


Spiritually a Taurus Full Moon will have you focus on self-worth – many people are repairing self-esteem after experiencing losses this year. Your focus may be on emotional security, moving forward in your relationship or simply moving on, to being single or being open to meeting someone else. Whatever you are feeling, honor it and follow your heart.


This Super Moon in Taurus brings emotional healing and repair. Many people ask me for intuitive readings – usually because they want to know about their life path. During this moon cycle if you clear your thoughts, spend a little time meditating, and pay attention to your thoughts, you will get insights on where you need to be on your life path, and the instructions on how to get there will follow, if you listen to your heart.


Let this Super Full Moon help you to get closure from the losses you experienced over the last year and help you start over on a fresh foundation.


The time for change is now! Leave the suffering, the drama, and emotional roller coaster behind – give yourself permission to move forward on your path with love and light guiding your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions. Trust that you are worthy of having or doing the things you want to do or have -  deep in your heart – and give your permission to do and have those things – you DESERVE good things!


Life is short and tomorrow isn’t promised. The time to heal is now. Love yourself enough to move forward into a wonderful new beginning for you. Forgive the “perceived” wrongs of the past and allow yourself to shift into your new beginning - free from those old situations. It is time to build your new foundation. SUPER FULL MOON in TAURUS = strategic planning and success!