What Is Your Coefficient Of Friction?


What is your coefficient of friction?

Ff = Cf x N


What is your coefficient of friction?

This coefficient is described as the force pressing two objects together as well as the amount of “grip” they have on each other. There is static friction and kinetic friction. Static friction resists the beginning of motion; that first step forward. Kinetic friction is the friction that still exists once movement is obtained. Motion is obtained but there is still friction. Kinetic friction is less of a force than static friction.

It may be difficult to initiate change due to static friction. However, once you start forward motion and overcome static friction, then the kinetic friction is easier to manage. Think of trying to push an inoperable car down the road. It can be very challenging to get the car to start rolling but once you do it becomes much easier. Change is very similar to pushing a car. It can be difficult to get rolling, but once you do, things can happen very quickly and with less effort.

We all need friction in our life. We all have some form of friction in our lives. For us humans, friction can equal growth.

You may have friction in a relationship, your job, or friction resisting self-growth in a multitude of planes. Rejoice in that fact. It is physics.  It is a law of our universe just like gravity.

If you make yourself “slippery” by being more open to change you can reduce your coefficient of static friction. By decreasing the pressure between yourself and positive changes you also reduce static friction. Forward motion will become a reality.

Without friction there is no traction. Without traction there is no forward motion. We need friction to have traction and we want traction in order to move forward.

Consider now that you have no problems. Allow every problem that you thought you had to now be considered a law of the universe - friction. Remember that friction is good as it gives us traction. Sure, you may have a lot of “friction” in your life, but realize that it only gives you more traction. With more traction you can move forward to get to where you really want to be.

Without friction there is no traction. The friction in your life gives you the traction you need in order to make positive changes.