Friday June 23, 2017 New Moon In Cancer

Friday June 23, 2017

New Moon in Cancer

10:31pm EST

As today’s New Moon approached did you notice yourself or others being unusually over-sensitive, crabby, or just plain bitchy over trivial things? During the 3 dark days prior to this New Moon, the sensitive energy of Cancer was affecting many of us in a negative way.


Now that the New Moon is here, it brings a change in energy with it, and a positive upsurge of energy and innovative ideas are starting to flow. This New Moon is at 2˚ Cancer, and the main influence of this moon, comes from its close alignment to Mercury, the planet of communication, progress, intuition, and fresh ideas. Mercury’s influence will help bring inspiration from the deep subconscious into the conscious mind to stimulate forward action, new plans, bright ideas, and progress in general.


For you to make the most of this New Moon, it is best that you set new goals and start putting effort towards manifesting them right now, up until the Full Moon on July 9th. Working daily on creating change between now and then will be very fruitful.


The over-sensitive “crabby” influence of Cancer that many have recently felt, should subside today, as the dominating influence of Mercury will shift your energy towards taking action and making progress on your life path.


This is an exciting time for travel, new partnerships to form, new business ideas to flow, and friendships to grow. If you are seeking powerful change in your life, now is the time to work on it! Use the power of this New Moon, to generate energy in your favor!