Balanced Perceptions 


One quick route to experiencing more happiness in your life is to forgive yourself as well as others.  

Forgive yourself for any past deeds or misdeeds which you regret. Every mistake or misdeed you have ever made comes with a present attached to it. You may need to do a lot of unwrapping, but there is a gift in there somewhere. There is always a valuable lesson learned which needs to be carried forward. This lesson is the gift that you give to yourself when making a mistake 

Forgiving yourself does not mean you condone those old actions, but rather it allows you to lighten your load so as to more easily carry the lesson learned forward. Over time the magnitude of a mistake usually diminishes. However, the lesson learned never loses value. There is no failure…only feedback. 

Everybody knows that everyone makes mistakes. You are everybody, and an everyone. So just go ahead now and move on… to the lesson… the lesson learned.  

Go ahead and allow those which may have crossed you to be forgiven as well. It is not really for them but rather for you. They might not need your forgiveness but you need your forgiveness of them.  

Like most people or everybody, unless you are a lawyer, you probably don’t care much for the lawyer profession. The last thing you might want to be is a lawyer; so don’t be one when someone has crossed you.  There is no need now to build a case against them. If you don’t care for lawyers then why would you think like one?  There is no need to create a mental lawsuit. Let them off the hook and allow yourself to swim in the current of happiness. 

Why carry that old disappointment and that useless anger needlessly?  No doubt you don’t condone what they did to make you feel the way you use to and no doubt that everybody knows that everyone makes mistakes. Let go the anger and disappointment…feel now how much lighter you are. Anger will not carry you very far so why would you do anger a favor and carry it? Any lesson has a good handle to allow you to carry it forward. You cannot get a handle on your anger. Happiness is attracted to light and lightness.  

Forgiveness is happiness.   

Besides, everyone knows that everybody is doing the best they can with what they got. Some don’t have much. So allow them to do the best they can in the way they can.  

Can you sense the gratitude in you- now that you know you have more than those others? Send your transgressors on their way with a smile and a kind word. You can now be thankful for the things which you DO have and thankful for those things which you DO NOT have in your life...