Goodbye January, Hello February!

Is it us or is this year breezing by quickly for you as well? It seems like just yesterday we celebrated New Years, and now Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

I have to say that January was a busy month for Balanced Perceptions, we have had great success with our in-office clients and we have recorded several new audio self-hypnosis and guided meditation sessions to add to our website.

We have been working on “Cancer Care” programs lately, as we have had several people close to us who have recently been diagnosed with some form of cancer. We are very excited about the positive feedback we have gotten from those who have tried our Cancer Care audios.

In January we premiered the beginning of our “Angel Mindfulness Meditation” series. We developed this series to make it easier for our clients to connect with their personal angel helpers, as well as some of the Archangels through meditation.  We will continue to release more audio meditations throughout the year, to help you connect with your special angelic helpers.

In February we expect to release “Connect With Your Romance Angels,” “Angels Of Fertility,” and “Angels Of Study,” just to name a few of the new guided meditations soon to be released.

We recently lowered the prices on ALL of our audio guided meditations, hypnosis, reiki music, and relaxation music, making it more affordable for those of you out there to make the changes you seek.

We have been blessed to see great changes in our in-office clients, and would like to help those of you out there who don't live close to us, to reach your goals in manifesting change at an affordable price. Yes, we are a business and it is our secondary goal to earn money. However, our ultimate goal is to be able to reach the people who desire change and make it affordable for them. We entered this business, with the intention of helping people to create powerful change. Our most rewarding paycheck is to see the positive changes in the clients we have worked with.   

We are very optimistic that 2017 will be a very productive year for Balanced Perceptions. We are excited to share the gift of change with you through our Hypnosis, Guided Meditations, NLP, Reiki, EFT, Angel Mindfulness Meditations, Angel Balancing Sessions, and in all of the complementary health practices that we offer.

I would like to say goodbye to our productive January 2017, and hello to a wonderful February with one of my favorite quotes from Walt Disney:

“Around here, however we don’t look backwards for very long. We KEEP MOVING FORWARD, opening up new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious… And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”