What Is Calling You?

What is Calling You?

Eric Van Fossen


It has been bubbling up inside of me for several weeks now. I cannot quite put my finger on it; but it is there none the less.

Something is calling me. Something seems to be reaching out to me, or for me. I do not quite know what it is but I do know where it is. My first blog on this website was called “A Piece of Peace”. It is about the very large wooded park where I enjoy hiking and jogging on the trails. It is a lovely place with hills and waterfalls. Since my very first time in those woods I have felt both at peace and on the edge at the same time. Every time I go there, regardless of what I do, I seem to have a feeling of being right on the very edge of discovering something. It is a wonderful feeling but almost a little disconcerting in its’ elusiveness.

I certainly always feel at peace out there on those trails. Many times I can be there and rarely see another soul. Then I wonder if maybe I am closer to my soul and am on the verge of seeing it. There is something deeper there for me. There is something positive there for me. It often feels like I am almost home the further out on the trail I go.

It has been too long since I have been there. It is calling me to come home. It has been encouraging me to come explore myself more than the trails.

I think we all have a place or an activity similar to this. Yours may be in the garden, the gym or a bubble bath surrounded by candles. Close your eyes and imagine just where it is that you feel closer to yourself. There is something there for you to discover. It is calling you. That feeling is always somewhere in your heart and mind but we choose to ignore it. We decide we are too busy to visit ourselves.

The weather here promises to be warmer next week. It will be rainy as well. Maybe what has been calling me will be found on the muddy trails made slippery by the decaying leaves of yesterday. I will be there looking.

Go find yours.