Summer Solstice 2016 - June 20, at 6:34 p.m. and we have a Full Moon on the same day at 7:02 a.m. eastern time USA


The FULL MOON in Sagittarius and SUMMER SOLSTICE on June 20, 2016 – brings out our creativity and confidence. Lately the stars have been tangled a bit - rather unhappy and throwing some unfortunate events into the lives of many – things may not have been going smoothly for a lot of people – business or work, may be stagnate and extra stressful, personal projects may seem a little scrambled - a lot of people are still recovering from the last Mercury Retrograde. Well, this is about to change!!!


With this Full Moon and Summer Solstice occurring on the same day, things are going to change in a more positive way, as long as you are willing to cut cords to what has been weighing you down; a string of bad luck, stress, worry, anxiety, fear, failures, guilt, anger, negativity, grudges, sorrow, heartbreak, and pain – these ENERGY cords need to be CUT, to clear your path and open your energy channels to attracting the positive things you do want in your life! Sagittarius energy is WONDERFUL with CORD CUTTING – it can bring STUBBORN strength though – when you make decisions during this moon – they can be final – so be careful!!! Cord cutting is healing and positive, so be stubborn when cutting those cords and decide you NO LONGER wish to CARRY the things you no longer need in your life!! Be reasonable with everything else in your life - especially with those you love!


There is less FIXED astrological influences with this moon, making it EASIER to let go of the things you want to release! This moon gives you a “BRAND NEW START” opportunity – make good use of it! When the Moon is in Sagittarius, people tend to have a “bring it on attitude” a renewed sense of confidence. Yes, the energy of Sagittarius does give you that burst, but be careful not to exhaust it too quickly. Try to EXTEND that burst of confidence and let it last long enough for you to create the changes you seek for the rest of the year.


I have repeatedly said in my astrological posts that 2016 is a year of endings – cycles are ending DRAMATICALLY and new beginnings will bring positive changes in general, but to those who are mindful of the wonderful possibilities coming – a world of magic can unfold. Making good use of mindfulness and the Law of Attraction, you can and will create magical changes in your life during the remainder of the year.


So how do you cut those cords? The easiest way to cut those cords of a string of bad luck, stress, worry, anxiety, fear, failures, guilt, anger, negativity, grudges, sorrow, heartbreak, and pain is to take out a piece of paper, write out each and every negative thing you no longer wish to have in your life - in detail and then burn the paper and scatter the ashes in the wind. If you are unable to burn the paper, you can shred up the paper into tiny pieces and flush them down a toilet or scatter them in the wind or go to the ocean or nearest lake and release them into the water – it is that easy!


This is a good time to pamper yourself – take a vacation, take an art class and explore your creativity, buy yourself something you have been wanting to buy – but for some reason have been putting it off, buy your mate something special to show your appreciation of her/him, show gratitude for the life you have and the good things that will come, with a positive mindset. This is a good time to nourish your needs. This is a time of self-HEALING. Let yourself heal anything that needs to be healed in your body, your heart, your mind, and your spirit. Put YOU first. You ARE worth it!