FULL MOON - JULY 19, 2016


JULY 19, 2016

On July 19, 2016 at 6:56 pm EST USA we will have a full moon. The July Full Moon is called many names – The Buck Moon, The Barley Moon, The Corn Planting Moon, Ice Moon, Old Moon, and Wolf Moon… just to name a few.

This year I prefer to call it the Buck Moon. It is given this name because bucks start to regrow their antlers at this time and astrologically this is a good time of rebuilding – restructuring things in our life.

Astrologically for each and every person, the influence of the moon truly depends on your date, location, and time of birth to get an accurate astrological forecast.

Speaking in general to all of the signs – Astrologically – right now is a time of repair, healing, and new beginnings. In many of my posts about astrology since January, I have mentioned over and over again, that 2016 is a Universal 9 vibration year – in numerology that means a lot of cycles are coming to an end so that new beginnings may come.

Over the first part of the year, you may have noticed many things came to end, some of your friends faded away – your eyes opened and you started realize how some “friends” were emotionally/mentally draining and you woke up and walked away from those “friends” – realizing you cannot carry your friends – especially those who are toxic in nature – you decided to put yourself and your needs first, long term relationships may have ended also – through separation or divorce, you may have moved, you may have changed jobs, death may have taken loved ones or even enemies to the other side, you may have lost or even won pointless battles with someone or something that seemed to drag and drag and drag – regardless of how things ended – it ended….

Much clearing took place from the beginning of the year 2016 – to help end cycles that no longer serves your higher purpose. The endings may have been painful - but every ending had a valuable lesson, every ending made room for something new to come to you.... Perhaps you learned how to forgive, or perhaps you learned to appreciate the good people you do have in your life, or perhaps you learned to appreciate life in general.

Things are about to swing in a more positive light now that you have let go of some things that no longer serve your higher purpose. Now there is room for growth and opportunity to come.

This Buck Moon is a perfect time to light a candle to manifest positive changes. Make a list of the positive changes you would like to see manifest during the remainder of the year, and place it under a green pillar candle – light the candle and visualize the things that you would like to manifest – as though it has already happened – spend at least 20 minutes a day doing this, until the candle burns out completely. This is a wonderful time to focus on healing, progress, and prosperity. It is also a great time to complete projects and push them forward toward success.

Be aware of out of the blue happenings – chance meetings and synchronicity over the next 5 days – the astrological influence right now is causing these things to happen for a reason. The Universe is sending you a message – something you need to know or hear – this can come from a dream, a song you hear on the radio, or something you hear out of the mouth of complete stranger - this message comes out of the blue. This is a magical time of positive change – the wheel of the year is turning, the period of “endings” is now ending and the time of new beginnings is now on the horizon.

Be the co-creator of your life path – write out a list of goals or things you would like to see happen for you and start taking actions to let them manifest! Much of the turmoil – from the “endings” that happened during the first half of the year is starting to settle. There is now space to create something new.

Dreams can be vivid right now! Pay attention to your dreams, your guardian angel or a loved one from beyond may send you an important message – if you have trouble remembering your dreams, as you fall asleep at night repeat to yourself “I will remember my dreams, I always remember my dreams.” Start a dream journal – this will also help you start to remember your dreams.

Uranus has an influence on this Buck Moon – so mind your money! Watch what you spend over the next few days. Maybe change your focus from spending to earning – open your mind to the possibilities of increasing your prosperity. Focus your energy on something creative. Avoid large purchases if possible – Uranus can inspire you to spend money and then give you buyer’s remorse! Save your money and spend your energy on creativity, journaling, or simply brainstorming about how you would like the rest of the year to unfold.

In summary, this is a very beneficial full moon. The Buck Moon is a turning point in the numerological Universal 9 vibration – we experienced endings in the first half of the year and through those endings we have created space – there is now room for growth, for new beginnings, and healing to take place. Take a deep breath and allow the healing to come through. You are now entering a time of recovery and new doors of opportunity will start to open for you.