Archangel Jophiel

Coming in January 2017, Balanced Perceptions is launching our "Angel Mindfulness Meditation Series" a series of short audio recordings about 10 min or less in length, created to help you connect with various angels.

Angels can appear as either male of female, I have had many Angels appear in male form and then transform into its female side quickly, and assure me, that it is the same being. Jophiel is an Archangel who appears male to some and females to others.

Archangel Jophiel is God's Angel of Beauty and Joy. Why would you want to connect with this angelic being? Well, to connect with Jophiel is to allow yourself to see the world around you through God's vision of heavenly beauty and to experience God's intention of pure joy. If you are a lacking cheer or happiness in your life, connecting with this beautiful angel will help lift your spirits. If you are seeking new ways to look more beautiful on the outside (change your hair, makeup, style, and etc) this Angel is the one to help guide you to that perfect new look for you. If you are looking to honor and enjoy the beauty in others and the world around you, this Angel will help you see the world through God's vision of divine beauty.