Connect With Archangel Barachiel: God's Angel Of Miracles And Blessings

Coming in January 2017

Balanced Perception's

Angel Mindfulness Meditation Series

In January 2017, Balanced Perceptions will launch our "Angel Mindfulness Meditation Series" a series of short (10 min or less) guided meditations to help you connect with the various Angels working with you, on your life path.

Archangel Barachiel (aka Barakiel): God's Angel of Miracles and Blessings:

The following guided meditation will help you connect with Archangel Barachiel; God's Angel of Miracles and Blessings. This is the "go to" angel when a serious miracle is needed and fast! Archangel Barachiel is the granter of miracles and heavenly blessings. Listen to this audio daily to invite heavenly blessings into your daily life, or whenever you are in need of specific miracles.