February's Snow Moon: A comet, a full moon, & a lunar eclipse



Full Moon February 2017


A Comet, A Full Moon, & A Lunar Eclipse


On Friday February 10, 2017 we will have a full moon in the house of Leo, at 7:33pm EST.


On this “Snow Moon” we will also have a penumbral lunar eclipse that will start at 5:35pm and will go into full effect at 7:43pm, ending at 9:53pm EST.


Along with this, comet 45P will zoom past the earth around 10:30pm EST to wrap things up for the night. This comet will come very close to the Earth, and will give us stargazers another spectacular reason to look up at the night sky this Friday.


A full moon in the house of Leo brings out the desire to let our inner light shine outwards for others to see. Leo loves attention and its influence is magnified by the power of a lunar eclipse. Leo shares with us many wonderful gifts including genuine warmth, charisma, courage, and enthusiasm. Leo’s, like to entertain so you may be inclined to be more social than usual during this time, just go with it and let your inner light shine bright and light up the world around you.


A penumbral lunar eclipse takes place when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align in an almost straight line. People argue about whether the effect of a lunar eclipse is positive or negative. When asked this question, I tell them the effect of the lunar eclipse really depends on the line up of the stars during that particular eclipse, your “personal astrological” chart, and the energy stirring around you at the time. And yes, I believe there is a negative and a positive side to everything, life is about balance, there is as much negativity in the world as there is positivity. How that balance affects you really depends on your own mindset. We all have “free will” therefore we choose whether we are positive or negative in our thoughts and actions.


In some cases an eclipse may magnify things that seem negative in your life, as a means to “wake you up” and force you to make changes. On the same token during an eclipse you may get a powerful burst of creativity or insight on what you need to do in your life to make things more productive and wonderful.


With an eclipse, energy is magnified, whether that is good or bad, it really depends on the things that are looming around you right now.


The energy that comes with this moon has a “preparation” feel to it, and it is urging you to look ahead and prepare for the things you would like to manifest in the next 6 months. For many of those who experienced a lot of loss and endings last year, 2017 signifies a time to heal, to rebuild, and to grow. This full moon is a time to think of the future and of all the good things ahead. With this full moon, we are finally shutting the door to the “lessons learned” from all of the “ending of cycles,” many of us experienced last year.


With the enthusiasm of Leo in your corner, you may be inclined to create significant changes in your life such as a move to a new home or city, take a new class/course to improve your education/career, or even start a new job. If these things have already been on your mind, you may get clear insights telling you what direction to go in, that will help you proceed forward.


In early 2017 you may find yourself travelling in a new car, since you are now travelling a new path, a new method of transportation may manifest for you. You may also get insights regarding love and relationships at this time (Mercury sextiles Venus meaning your passion is likely to escalate). Pay attention to random thoughts that come up, this is usually the Universe (God/Goddess) talking to you, answering your prayers and offering guidance (the Sun trines Jupiter on February 11th).


Eclipses are like a portal that can lead you onto different paths and whether this shift is positive or negative really depends on what is developing on your life path at the time of the eclipse. You can be active in co-creating your life path, and you can use this time to create a “shift” in your life that is powerful, life changing, and positive, so my advice to you is to make the most of it. Using mindfulness or the Law of Attraction during this time would be beneficial to those who wish to harness their path, rather than just let it unfold however fate decides.


If you wish to use the Law of Attraction or mindfulness to co-create your life path, it really comes down to your state of mind. Refrain from focusing on what is negative (your mindset should not be on how things “just keep getting worse”) and start focusing on the positive things in life (your mindset should be on how you “only expect good things” to come to you, regardless of how things haven’t been that great in general).  


This full moon will bring the most influential energies of 2017; with powerful “lunar eclipse energy” behind it, signifying rapid change – good or bad depending on your mindset. Think of this as a long-term shift, as the next opportunity to create such powerful change in your life (astrologically influenced of course) will not come until August 2017 when the next portal opens.


The last penumbral eclipse we had like this one was back in September 2016, think back to around that time, what was going on in your life, and how did things unfold in your life after that eclipse? This Friday’s eclipse is going to bring to an end to whatever course you set your path on last September. So, if you were still in a “cycle of endings” back in September, this full moon is going to wrap things up with that cycle, and create a new “portal” for a “new beginning” to take place. That “new beginning” will be enhanced by the New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 26, at 9:58am EST.


2017 is a numerological year of growth, healing, building, opportunity, and expansion. During this Friday’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, make the decision to embrace all the blessings you have in your life. You may have learned a lot of hard lessons last year, most of us did, but you are now a wiser and more humble person because of those lessons. Your eyes are open and a gateway is opening for you to create powerful changes in your life. This full moon is shutting the door to the lessons learned last year. Now is the time to embrace new beginnings and how that path unfolds really depends on your state of mind. Choose a positive state of mind. Choose to create vibrant health, love, success, and happiness for yourself in 2017. Choose to create the “good life” that you certainly deserve!