The Hunter's Moon October 2016

The Hunter's Moon

Oct. 15th for West Coast (9:23pm) & Oct. 16, 2016 (12:23am EST) USA

Full Super Moon In Aries in conjunct with Uranus and Eris

The October full moon has been called many names; The Dying Moon, The Harvest Moon, The Travel Moon, and the Hunter’s Moon just to name a few.

A full super-moon in Aries in conjunct with both Uranus and Eris I prefer to call this one a Hunter’s Moon – Uranus is the rebel/liberator and Eris is a warrior Goddess. The energy here can be very much dominate a female energy and be very ruthless. Throughout 2016 – many of you have been cutting cords with people or a situation(s) that no longer serves your higher purpose – this particular moon should give you a boost of strength – almost to the point of wanting to fight off toxic people or situations – clearing your path more aggressively as the year comes to an end. Some cockiness is expected with this astrological influence – coming more from females or about female issues because of the Eris influence of this moon.

This moon cycle can bring out a lot of strong opinions – especially from females who wouldn’t normally voice themselves.

Astrologically there are a lot of angry (rebellious) female energies in the air right now.

This full moon in Aries is in conjunct with Uranus (the rebel/liberator) and Eris (a warrior Goddess).

This moon will very much spark some fire in females and feminist issues!

Remember it is meant to liberate you in a positive way – don’t allow the issues that rise to drag you down or force you to dwell in anger. This is a time of awakenings (a Uranus influence) – see the problems of the past rise to the surface – remember what you don’t like about those situations, and put yourself in gear – get yourself ready to change those things that you don’t like in your life. Right now, your ambition to push forward should be boiling to the point of overflowing from the pot. The year of Universal 9 vibration – endings or cycles and new beginnings is coming to a close – The endings are coming to a close dramatically and your new beginning is on the horizon. The time to change is RIGHT NOW!

Start planning that new beginning today! Remember during this time to promote the things you love, instead of bashing the things that you hate or dislike. Keep in mind the Law of Attraction – what you focus on you bring to you. So, if you focus on how bad things are going – that is more of what you will bring in your new year - more disappointments. If you focus on the wonderful things you would like to attract to you, you will certainly start to attract those good experiences.

Mindfulness is important! You attract what you focus on good or bad!

Eris as the warrior Goddess will kick up issues that you need to deal with! She can force you into a place of change (or chaos) and a lot of people experience anger and frustration during this time – her increasing influence was felt by many in the last five/six days prior to the full moon and will remain influential for at least five more days – past the full moon.

Remember that anger does not serve your higher purpose! If certain people or situations bring out those emotions right now – be mindful of it – Instead of letting it get the best of you, redirect it into something more positive. Cut cords to those people or situations – liberate yourself from what does not agree with your personal energy vibration. Stand up for yourself as needed to defend yourself – but don’t go overboard – sometimes it is best to walk away from disagreements and turn the other cheek – let the other person stew in their own juices and don’t give them the satisfaction of a fight or disagreement – you most likely will not be able to change their minds on their standpoint (this is the Aries opposition) – so why waste your time and energy? Know when to walk away and turn your energies inwards towards positive change and self-improvement.

This can be an unstable ground to walk on right now, due to the astrological influence. However it affects you is your choice. You can recognize the potential arguments and choose to either fight or turn the other cheek. Know that the year of “ending of cycles” is coming to an end – a new beginning in greater abundance is definitely coming. Stay positive! The stars are aligned this way for a reason. Breakthrough is coming! Your new beginning can be magical – you can be the co-creator of your life’s path. Again, be mindful of what you focus on. Focus on the things you do want in your life and you will surely set yourself up to have those things in your life.

Many blessings to you all during this time of great change!