December Full Super Moon In Gemini; LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL

December 13, 2016 * EST USA 7:05pm


Super Full Moon in the house of Gemini




2016 is ending with a Full Super Moon in Gemini on December 13th at 7:05pm EST, just 6 days before the last Mercury Retrograde of the year goes into effect in Capricorn. 


The December full moon is called by many names; The Full Cold Moon, December Long Nights Moon, Oak Moon, and Long Night Moon, just to name a few. For this Full Super Moon I prefer to call it the Oak Moon, thinking of the strength of the old oak tree, withstanding sever weather throughout the year and able to remain still, standing strong in the end.


It is safe to say that we are ending the year with many different astrological influences at play. A Full Super Moon heightens or magnifies the energy of the moon. This Full Super Moon is in Gemini meaning it will spark motivation, creativity, and insightful imagination, along with an intense ambition to succeed within all of us. During this time you may feel an overwhelming influx of inspiration coming through; for those of you who have been stuck in a void or at crossroads through much of year, the insights on where to go from here can be pretty intense.


Change is on the horizon, especially with 2016’s last Mercury Retrograde coming in on December 19, 2016 at 5:56am EST. Retrogrades will bring things to the surface that need to be dealt with – this could be good or bad, depending on what comes up to be dealt with and your perspective on the matter(s). In general, a Retrograde isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because when things are brought up to the surface, we are granted the opportunity to change something in our lives for the better. It may look or feel ugly on the surface, but in reality, what comes up can help us get past obstacles in our path. When we deal with them, we progress on our path. I like to think of Mercury Retrogrades as a positive growth period, as they bring change.


They also tend to bring minor delays or inconveniences, so expect long lines when shopping. Computers or electrical devices may act up out of nowhere (my laptop and cell phone usually shuts themselves off out of nowhere during Retrogrades), and there tends to be delays when traveling during these times. Prepare yourself by leaving early when you have plans outside of home or when you go to work. With this in mind, exercise a little patience when these delays or minor mishaps pop up; remember everything happens for a reason, even the bad S#%T.  Mindfulness can help you take control of anything that appears imbalanced or negative in front of you; ask yourself in these times “What am I supposed to learn from this?” and quiet your mind and let the answer come through. When insight comes through, choose to reframe any negative thoughts on the matter into something positive, and good things will follow, this is the Law of Attraction.


The Full Super Moon is in the house of Gemini. Which means it is two sided with a lighthearted and inspiring influence as well as the dark twin hiding in the background possibly creating a little mischief or temptation to misbehave. This can be an interesting boon for writers and artisans as the inspiration that rises up to the surface can be very deep and unique. Metaphysical people, Shamans, Wiccans, artists, writers, astrologists, musicians, healers, Reiki practitioners, and people who use holistic practices in their work, should do really well with the energy during this time.


There are three fixed stars influencing this Gemini Full Super Moon; Capella, Phact, and Mintaka:


Capella has a positive influence as it offers us honor, wealth, eminence, a good reputation, a public position of trust, a breakthrough in business, and eminent friends. It also increases our desire to advance by making learning fun and interesting for us. On top of this the Moon is Sextile Jupiter during this time, which benefits writers and those marketing their written work, unique talents, and those who seek to make a breakthrough or a positive difference in the world. Jupiter’s influence can bring MASSIVE success, by chance!


Phact is also beneficial as it is the “bringer of good news”. With this influence breakthroughs take place, especially for those who have been at a crossroads and are in need of guidance on where to go from here. “Welcome news” is the gift of this fixed star. You may find yourself being invited to participate in a great opportunity or a gathering. Take a chance and visit a new place that can lead you to a new job offer, a new place to live, new romance and new friends. The key influence here is that “GOOD NEWS” is coming, really GOOD NEWS, something spectacular and gratefully welcomed by you!


Mintaka is one of the stars seen in the Belt of Orion; the influence of this star is that of really good fortune. It offers a comforting guiding light, guiding you exactly where you need to be on your path. If you have been at a crossroads; feeling lost, stuck, or not sure where to go from where you are right now, the influence of this star will lead you in the right direction for you. The energy of this star can bring an overwhelming sense of excitement or anticipation, and make you feel ready and motivated for what is coming next. Mintaka can bring ambition to succeed and progress. It will feel good to make progress. If you are at a crossroads on your path, expect an upsurge of energy coming through. It may feel overwhelming, but that overwhelming feeling is you getting the “downloads” or “insights” that you need to move forward on your path. Expect a feeling of excitement as you are finally making progress on your path or because you finally have an idea or insight on how to move forward, after being stuck for so long.


2016 in numerology is a Universal 9 vibration year, that brought the ending of cycles (like it or not) lots of them. And most people experienced slow new beginnings. We are ending 2016 with a wonderful and very welcomed positive influence from this Full Super Moon. The key words here are; “good news coming, opportunity coming, breakthroughs, progress, insights, and finally, THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!” 


Even the Mercury Retrograde which goes into effect on the 19th at 5:56am EST will not be as harsh as those from the past. As long as you are willing to work through the things that rise to the surface, it can be a pleasant experience, helping you to redirect your path towards a happier and productive direction.  Remember, the Mercury Retrograde can bring things to your attention that need to be changed or worked through, in order for progress to be made. It doesn’t bring all bad or a gloomy experience, which is just a negative, but popular mindset (“Blame it on the Retrograde!”). You see, most people get frustrated when they are “forced” to deal with things they happily buried on the subconscious level. Approach the Retrograde with the mindset that you can conquer whatever comes to the surface and be grateful for the opportunity to change things in positive ways and you will be fine.   


The Super Full Moon is opposite Saturn during this time – which means that a beneficial breakthrough can present itself to you, especially if you work with the public; if you are a writer, an artist, a business owner, or work in a creative or unique field. Marketing during this time will bring success to your endeavors. This aspect also brings a lot of motivation and strong ambition towards success and you can manifest that success if you are able to direct your energy effectively. Choose to use this influence productively. The moon is also Sextile Uranus which brings harmony towards your effort, though there may be challenges that arise, the overall influence is harmonious and positive.


I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to saying goodbye to 2016! This has been a year of great change, some good, some bad, lots of endings and some new beginnings. I am ready for great things to come in 2017. In numerology the year 2017 is a Universal 1 vibration indicating; new beginnings, opportunity and breaking new ground. This can mean a move to a new city, a wonderful new career unfolding, new love, new friends, business opportunities, new doors opening and SUCCESS, SUCCESS, SUCCESS! This will be a year of ambition, forward movement and positive change.   


The final Full Super Moon of 2016 brings a refreshing energy of possibilities, opportunity, healing, and transition towards progress. This Full Super Moon in Gemini brings a double aspect, a light and a dark side. Know that the dark side can help you address things that need to be dealt with. If you choose to, it can help to move you in a positive direction. This dark side can assist your creative side, by helping you access creativity buried deep in your subconscious mind. The dark side can represent you coming out of the dark (turbulence or sickness or even depression you’ve experienced over the last year) and coming into the light.


This has been a year of great change for many people. Thankfully, we are ending this year with light at the end of the tunnel. At last, there is good fortune in the stars! Progress, healing, and opportunity are at the forefront of our paths. There are also “chance” good fortune doors that seem to open out of the blue and lead you to great places. This is like getting the “wild card” in a game of UNO, use this card wisely and you can win in the game of life. Approach this moon with an open mind and heart.


Throughout 2016 many people have cut cords with so-called “friends” or even “lovers” who were toxic, narcissistic, or just not a healthy energy vibration match for you. You have chosen to walk away from those who hurt you, used you, or drained you of energy in some way, for their own selfish needs. Make a commitment to yourself to keep those doors shut, and not allow those people back in, love yourself enough to move forward without toxic people poisoning your life. During the month of December and into January 2017 make a conscious effort to be around good people who have your best interest in mind. Choose to be around people who love you, respect you, support you, accept you for who you are, and encourage you to succeed on your path and expect nothing back from you in return.


You deserve a good life. You deserve happiness, love, and success as 2016 comes to an end. The slate is being wiped clean, and you are getting a fresh start with 2017. You have the opportunity to create a wonderful 2017. Be mindful of the things you want, send lots of love and positive vibration towards those wonderful things. Forgive and forget the things you can’t change, as there is no point in bringing loss or regret into the future. The future is yours to create, choose to create the success, happiness, prosperity, and love you fully deserve in 2017.