A Short Road To Happiness (self-hypnosis)

Happiness is a decision. You can choose to be happy or choose to let the circumstances around you, weigh you down into an unhealthy and unhappy place. Balanced Perceptions, has created a short self-hypnosis program to help our clients shift into a state of happiness and to retain that mindset throughout their day.

Happiness is a state of mind and regardless of your present state; this program is designed to allow you to bring yourself to a happy state. At about 25 minutes long it is ideal to listen to on your lunch break or even in the morning before you start your day!

This package consists of 2 separate audio tracks.

  • First, you will learn how to do a proper deep reset breath and enjoy a short guided imagery. This segment will help you to not only relax quickly, but to realize just how powerful your sub-conscious mind is. You should listen to this track at least once before you begin the actual hypnosis session for the first time.
  • A SHORT ROAD TO HAPPINESS hypnosis session which; enables you to have internal happiness as you go about your day. This session is about 25 minutes in length.


This program uses positive suggestions and is rich in imagery and metaphors which your subconscious mind fully embraces. With your sub-conscious mind now part of the solution, change is much easier. If you desire change and want to move toward a state of happiness then let Balanced Perceptions’ MOTIVANOSIS series motivate you to do so. Also be sure to check out our DAILY MOTIVATION TO SELF CARE program.

Because you have made the decision to be happy, you will be responsive to the positive suggestions given to you in this powerful program. 

You will see results immediately, because you are ready and willing for this positive change to be regular part of your lifestyle. It does take 21 days to change or create a habit, and Balanced Perceptions, LLC recommends that you listen to this program daily for 21 straight days, to experience the full effect. 

This audio program is available for instant download after checkout for just $2.50. For more information or to purchase this audio download click on the following link.