The Intelligent Smoker- Part 3

The Time Traveler

Eric Van Fossen


In part one of this series I spared you. I didn’t do the typical data push of all the science proving why you should stop smoking. I mean, we all know don’t we?  We all know that only good things can come from making that one firm decision. The anti- smoking activists always want to recite the data and shove it down your throat. I have not done that in this series.  

But what if I told you that that time travel is possible?

Time travel is possible and the intelligent smoker is able to do it.

But for it to work, one has to be a bit of a scientist. You, the intelligent smoker, need the science to back up the theory.  In this case, the science that supports my time travel theory is the very data we avoided in earlier blog posts. So hang in there with me for just a little bit as we start your time traveler training.

There are a lot of great resources on the internet for these numbers. Certainly check out the CDC web page as well as the American Heart Association web site.

So here are the benefits versus time when a person stops smoking. These are based on time since the last cigarette.

-          20 minutes later the heart rate and blood pressure start to return to their normal level.

-          12 hours later the carbon monoxide level in the blood returns to normal. (Carbon monoxide is bad; more oxygen in blood is good.)

-          In as little as 2 weeks your heart and lung function begin to improve.

-          Several months afterwards the breathing will be easier and any cough becomes more productive which helps to clear out debris and reduce the chance of infections.

-          After one year -the risk of coronary heart disease is cut in HALF

-          Five years after making that one simple decision: the chance of lung, throat, mouth, esophageal and bladder cancer are cut in HALF. The risk of stroke returns to normal.

-          After 10 years the chance of dying from lung cancer is HALF and the risk of pancreatic and cancer of the larynx are decreased.

-          After 15 years of not smoking the risk of coronary heart disease is the same as a non- smoker.

Pretty cool right? As you progress in time, you are simutaneously regressing in time to a healthier version of you. Here is the real beauty of it; this knowledge enables you to time travel.   You are now going to learn two different methods of time travel!


So, you were born a non-smoker. You lived as a non-smoker for quite a few years. How many years ago did you become a smoker?

How many years of your life did you have as a non-smoker? 

You were much younger then were you not?

How would you like to go back to those days? Who wouldn’t want to be younger to some degree? True, most of us have times in our lives which we would have no desire to re-live. I am not talking about re-living past bad experiences. I am talking about going back in time to healthier days.  How do you do that? Well, you time travel of course!

You have had the training and you can begin to realize the facts. When you make that singular final decision and just stop smoking, the clock starts reversing. Within twenty minutes you go from a clockwise clock to counter-clockwise clock, the hands of time start reversing.

You can and do start going in the reverse direction of where you have been going for all of those years as a smoker. Name one other thing in your life that you can change right now that takes you back in time.  Other than becoming a non-smoker again, there is nothing else that can take you back in time to the healthier you. This makes you, the intelligent smoker, privileged. It literally takes only one firm and resolute decision to time travel back.  I am pretty sure but you are even surer than me. You know what it is. One decision is all that it takes and you start to turn back the hands of time.

You were a non-smoker once. Earlier in your life you were a nonsmoker and you will become a non-smoker again. You were born a non-smoker. Travel back in time and become a non-smoker again. It is like a second birthday. You give yourself a birthday gift of a new birthday to celebrate. And since you are starting out in the here and now, for this birthday you are even younger than your chronological age. Everybody can tell you their date of birth. Almost every new non-smoker I talk to can also recite the day they stopped smoking and then started their time travel mission.

After that last cigarette, every day bit by bit and breath by breath things get better and you become essentially younger. Look again at the data cited above. Within literally several minutes things already start to change. After several years you are cutting the odds of something that you definitely don’t want to happen to you, in half. I don’t know about you, but I would take that bet. I have taken that bet and I am STILL winning.

Time travel back to the time of when you were a non-smoker. You have already been a non- smoker once before. It was so easy, even a baby could do it.

So there you have one way that the intelligent smoker is able to time travel. One singular decision is all it takes. You have the training and the experience…..



The second method if time travel is actually a technique used in hypnosis. You don’t have to be in a state of hypnosis for it to be an effective tool however.

All you need to do is relax and take some deep abdominal breaths. Let your mind wander and drift as you relax into a comfortable state of mind. Next, the intelligent smoker allows the future image of himself as a non-smoker to appear. Let the future you be all that the present day you wants to be as a nonsmoker. The future nonsmoker you is probably healthier and more robust. Most likely the nonsmoker you has nicer skin and fewer facial wrinkles than you might be noticing. The future nonsmoker you may be athletic and perhaps be proudly wearing their favorite T-shirt from a sporting event they participated in. A 5 k race t-shirt maybe. They probably smell good and maybe even have some wads of cash sticking out of their pockets. This is the future nonsmoker you. Keep the image realistic and obtainable but otherwise make it as awesome as you want it to be. Relax and go ahead and build this picture of the future nonsmoker you.


 This future non-smoker you can be from anywhere in your future that you desire. Perhaps the future you is time traveling back from tomorrow, next week or even one year from now.  This nonsmoker version of you has traveled the very road that you are about to decide to travel yourself. The future you has already experienced all of the potential pitfalls and traps and curves of this road which you will soon be traveling on.  The future non- smoker you has the knowledge and experience to help the present you on YOUR journey to reach them. The future you certainly looks well and seems to have a very healthy energy. He or she must certainly know how they successfully got to this point.


So when you have this image complete in your mind, ask the future you how they did it. Go ahead and ask. They know how they got there. You need to know how you got there. How wonderful to have someone you know and trust travel back through time to guide you on your path!

Listen and learn and you will be told what to do and how to do it to get to where you want to be.

This works. Don’t just read this and move on. After reading these directions practice it a couple of times. The reason this works is because your subconscious mind already knows what you fear about this process. The future you, that the present you conjures up, is constructed buy your subconscious mind that not only knows your fears but already has the answers on how to overcome them.

You are more resourceful than you think.

You are the intelligent smoker. You can and will be visited by the future non-smoker you that will guide you on your journey. A future you time travels back in time to your present, to help you time travel back to the time when you were a non-smoker. Then you will have an even better future.

Safe travels.

In the next and final installment of this series we will “Take the red pill.” And explore why you smoke. You probably have no idea of the true reason you started smoking. But you will learn it and then realize just how silly that reason is now. The reason you started smoking has absolutely nothing to do with your life today.