Angels of Prosperity


Balanced Perceptions, Angel Mindfulness Meditation Series

Angels of Prosperity

The forthcoming guided audio meditation will connect you with your personal angel(s) of prosperity.

Living in a world with many different concepts of materialism, each person can have several different angels of prosperity working with them at one time. For example; if you are seeking a new job, in a new city, you may have an angel of prosperity working to help you manifest the perfect job for you and you may also have an angel of prosperity working to help you locate and secure the perfect new home in that new city!

Depending on your current circumstances you may have one angel of prosperity or even several angels of prosperity connect with you during this meditation. These angels are working to help you create a bigger change in your life.

You may listen to this audio daily to connect with prosperity angels in order to bring general abundance into your life. Or you can listen as needed, when there are specific concerns which require financial assistance (a new car, a vacation, unexpected bills, new clothes, etc).