Join Us On Monday July 17th 2017 As We "Demystify Hypnosis" Free Event!

Demystifying Hypnosis

by: Balanced Perceptions, LLC

Free Event!

Monday July 17, 2017

7:00 pm

109 S. Miami St., West Milton, OH 45383


There are many misconceptions concerning hypnosis. Hypnosis is a form of very focused inner awareness. This is why hypnosis can be such a powerful tool in helping an individual to make changes. They are simply using the imagination and their brain power to assist them in making the desired changes. A hypnosis subject is always aware that they are in hypnosis. They are able at any time to remove themselves from the hypnotic state. However, almost everyone finds it such a relaxing and interesting state of awareness that they choose to stay there until suggested by the hypnotist that it is time to emerge. Keep in mind that hypnosis is experienced differently by everyone.  

Hypnosis is NOT some mystical state of unconsciousness. People that practice yoga or meditation are also achieving some level of a hypnotic state. In fact, hypnosis can be considered very similar to meditation but with a focused intention on making a positive change for some element of your wellness. 

Join us for this FREE event as we demystify hypnosis and give our participants the opportunity to experience hypnosis first hand.

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This event is recommended for ages 18 and up!