The Self-Advocate Archaeologist


If gratitude and thankfulness is pretty much the same thing, then mindfulness and hypnosis are certainly very similar.


On Thanksgiving Day we try to focus on the things we are thankful for. In other words, we practice being grateful. One element of having internal happiness is to be internally grateful. To achieve happiness in your life throughout the year, gratefulness should be practiced 365 days a year. If you can do it today, then you are now able to achieve it the other 364 days of the year.

Sometimes we may need to dig really down deep to uncover the treasure of the most basic things we can be grateful for. For some of us this may be a simple dig. Others may need to become a self-advocate archaeologist, using all of the tools they have to gently tease away the layers of dirt in order to find the one singular treasure that they can be grateful for. But it is there to be discovered, pulled out and used for their own good.

Please enjoy this excerpt from our “A Short Road to Happiness” hypnosis session that is available on our website.

From now on, every morning upon awakening you will briefly think of the things which you are grateful for. Quickly run through the things in your life which make you the person you are and recognize just how wonderful they are. This could be anything from the love of a family member or a pet, the home you live in, the job you have or will have or maybe even as simple and basic as gratitude that you managed another night’s sleep and have awoken yet again to experience another day of happiness.

I imagine but you know for sure, that you can now understand those old negative thoughts or emotions have no easy handles by which you can carry them. Leave them be from this day forward.  If negative thoughts or negative emotions should try to enter your mind, you now just brush them aside and focus on the positive thoughts you have or the things you are grateful for on this day. Old problems and old concerns are slippery and have no handles. From this moment on there is no way and no need to carry them.

It is even possible to be thankful for things in your day that did not happen. If your car worked and you were able to have food today then be thankful for that. Tonight and all the nights that follow, you will now recognize all of things in your day that were undesirable and did not happen. That pretty much makes a successful day at the end does it not? Focus not only on the things which went right but on the things that did not go wrong.