I Believe in Santa


And why you should too.

Eric Van Fossen


It was late last night on Christmas Eve. It was much later than what I had intended to be up, but Santa doesn’t come until after the kids are asleep; and parents don’t sleep until after Santa comes.

One of the children called to me as I passed by their bedroom. He asked me with concern and hesitation in his voice if I still believed in Santa Clause. I imagined that this might be the last year that he gets to freely believe in Santa. Somebody will ruin it for him, or he will put all the pieces together and figure it out on his own.

I told him that, “Of course I believe in Santa. I do”.  He seemed satisfied and rolled over to try to get to sleep. But I wasn’t satisfied. The question lingered in my own mind.

Last night, Christmas Eve, I too lay in bed and wondered if I still believed in Santa Clause.  I decided that I do. Then I pondered how and why.

Regardless of our religious faith, I believe in a Christmas spirit. It is the one time of year where people actually do give more to charities or help some poor soul out of a bind. I think that it is simply Christmas time when these things seem to well up inside of us more; being able to reach the surface as if by magic. They are always there and some enlightened souls do this kind of work every day of their lives.  But for most of us, it is usually just below the surface. It is layered under the clutter of our daily lives.

There is something magical about Christmas time that brushes away enough of the daily clutter to allow our innate goodness to well up to the surface and be seen and experienced by others. For me, this is the Christmas spirit.

But I can see it all year round in little bits and pieces. We can experience this magic all year round with simple tiny acts that bring a smile to someone. Holding open a door, a smile and “Hello” to a stranger, a hug or double handshake to someone that is hurting are its’ tricks.  Such simple acts can bring the beginning of a smile, cause a paying forward, or maybe even turn an entire day around for someone. That is magic.

I see the excitement and hope and unconditional love in a child’s heart for this man they call Santa. But this is the love and hope and excitement that every child has in his heart. We have all been children so it was in our hearts as well. It is still there. There is surely some ember faintly glowing in all of us adults. It has to be there. I want it to be there.

We carry this ember forward from our childhood. It is in you and in me and we can gently blow on it and turn it into a healing flame again. This is what Santa means to me.

It is Christmas morning as I write this. The children are awake now and the energy and joy in the house are erupting in a magnificent fashion. I need to go relish in it and be reminded:

I still believe in Santa.