A Warm Sweater In A Cool Place


Eric Van Fossen


Children never cease to amaze and intrigue me. Recently, my nine year old step-daughter was rejoicing that she had found a new sweater. It was a summer day and we were getting ready to go to a matinee. Of course, empty movies theaters can be a chilly place until they fill up and one gets pleasantly unconscious in the imagery of the movie. Since she finally learned and recalled that this happens; when we go to the movies she now takes a sweater.

She was modeling her “new” sweater for me, but I think it was really more for her. Glowing, she explained that it was light but warm and even had a hood to keep her brain warm as well. What was even more amazing to her was that she has had this sweater for a long time. She had just never used it. It had been a gift from some time back. Apparently, it was buried somewhere in the drawers of her dresser. It is a tall dresser with many drawers. I suspect that it holds many things that she could find to wear if she only looked for them.

She told me that it is easy to just start looking through all of the drawers and she was pleased to find that what she needed was in there. She said, “It has been in there all along. I just had to look around, find what I needed and pull it out. As I put it on, I knew it was the right fit for me.”

She was pleased and remains pleased to this day. The movie went well and she never felt the chill of the empty theater again.