Happy Groundhog Day!

In case you haven't heard the news Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow today and predicts six more weeks of winter. 

Depending on where you live in the world or how you feel about cold weather, this could be good or bad. Personally, I live in the northwest and winter this year has been mild, and even if it were a little colder outside, I wouldn't be too heartbroken, because I don't mind the cold.

However, if winter blues are getting you down, may I suggest some self-hypnosis or guided meditation to help you get out of that funk? 

We offer a vast selection of audio downloads that can help you escape from winter blues and into a place of peace and calm, while you make positive changes in your life.

If you would like a suggestion, I would suggest "Your Brand New Start" a full length (about an hour in length) guided meditation that takes you to "Isme Island" a place where change happens. It is beautiful and peaceful on Isme Island, and for just $2.50 you can treat yourself to an island getaway through guided meditation and you may find it was exactly what you needed to help you get out of that winter funk!