New You - Old You

Why do people "choose" to stay stuck in a rut?

Many people live their lives in fear of change. What would make you happy in life? Would clearing out the old patterns you used to enjoy help you to create a successful and happier "new you?"

Think about the patterns that keep you stuck in life. Do you think they make you happy or are you just comfortable with things the way they are - even if they don't make you happy? Do you like to stay in your comfort zone, where it is safe, because you know exactly what you are getting? Or, have you simply chosen to stay where you are, out of fear of change? 

Why do people "choose" to stay stuck in a rut?

When you are in a place where you feel stuck, know that you are there by choice. Whether that choice is conscious or subconscious, you are there by choice. And because you are there by choice, you can choose to change where you are in life.

Change happens when you choose to let it happen. Many people desire change and yet remain stuck in the same place they desire to move out of.

People stay stuck for varied reasons. Is it that you don't have enough time to get things done? Are you afraid of what may happen if you take a leap forward? Do you fear that moving forward would cause you to leave something or someone you love behind?

Change happens when you choose to let it happen. Change can happen as quickly as right now. Through your current state of mind, you can choose to create a shift in your current reality by changing your thoughts about whatever you desire to change.

Change can happen quickly using mindfulness and positive affirmations. You can affirm within your mind to allow changes to take place right now with these simple affirmations:

I now have the time to accomplish everything I set out to accomplish each day.

I am confident in my decision to move forward and only good things will come to me as I create this change.

As I move forward in life, all people who are important to me will be supportive of my choice to grow and create progress on my life path.

Hypnosis is also very powerful in helping you to create positive and fast change.

"Daily Motivation To Self-Care" is a short, but powerful self-hypnosis audio track that will help you take better care of your needs, to help you progress on your path, and accomplish the things you need to accomplish along the way.