Everyone has a Guardian Angel, a special being who has been with you since before you were born, that has stayed at your side throughout your entire life. Your Guardian Angel’s sole mission is to help you succeed on your life path.

Before you were born, you had “agreements” or “spiritual contracts” between you and the Creator, these contracts are in place to help your soul grow and evolve. Your Guardian Angel took on the responsibility of guiding you during your human lifetime, to help you complete your life missions. Every person has a mission in life, even those who may have committed crimes. We learn from these lessons, whether we participate in them or not. If you have ever been shattered by loss/crime or if you have been emotionally touched by an act of kindness, there was a reason for that lesson/experience.

Your Guardian Angel can help you understand why you are learning the lessons you are experiencing in life, why some painful lessons are repeated, and how to stop repeating painful lessons. Your Guardian Angel can help you make changes to your life path and guide you into “happier” life lessons if you ask her/him to.

Your Guardian Angel will be there to greet you when it is your time to cross over back into the spirit world. By connecting with your personal Guardian Angel on a daily basis, you will be able to understand your life missions and lessons. You will also understand that you are never alone on your life path. This powerful Angel is always there to love, guide, and support you.    

Balanced Perceptions "Angel Mindfulness Meditation Series" is a series of short (10 min or less) guided meditations, created to help you connect with the various Angels who help you on your life path.