Full Moon Eclipse March 23, 2016

On March 23, 2016 a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will begin @ 5: 39 a.m. east coast time USA. This will be a Penumbral Eclipse – meaning it won’t be easy to see even if it is dark in your part of the world; the eclipse will appear more like a faint shade over the moon. In my part of the world, the sky will be light and I may not see it at all…. The Moon will become full @ 8:00am east coast time in the USA. The Eclipse will peak at 6:57 a.m. and will end at 9:54 a.m.

Lunar and Solar Eclipses bring great transition – something is ending and something else is beginning, and it is usually something significant.

To help you understand the power of this time, I would compare it to getting a “WILD” card when playing the game "UNO" – basically you are getting dealt the "LUCKY POWER CARD" and now it’s up to you to decide what energy you want to put forth and manifest – basically if you want to create changes in your life – NOW is the time to do it!! The POWER is always in your hands and right now, the POWER is flowing in abundance!   

This Lunar Eclipse comes with Dragon energy, brought in from the influence of the Constellation of Draco. Draco has a lot of protective energy. This would be a great Full Moon to do some “cord cutting” and letting go of things you no longer need in your life. It would also be a good time to begin new goals – such as exercise or weight loss, or to break certain habits such as sugar, smoking, or drinking addictions. There is a lot of manifestation energy in this moon, so make positive use of it!

Draco’s energy can be very protective, you may find yourself being extra protective of things that belong to you and over protective of those people you love most, around this time – and it may come off as you being a little bit finicky. If you find yourself over reacting and being over protective, during this time, it is likely caused by the Dragon’s energy flowing thru you.

Draco’s influence can also increase your creativity. In saying this, manifestation will be heightened during this time. Draco energy brings prosperity, so money and work related goals and manifestations are good to work on right now.

Motivation will increase with this moon – so put some positive energy towards the manifestation of long term goals!

When Draco energy is actively flowing it is a good time to work on your Chakras - clearing and balancing them during this time would be beneficial for your body. Draco has powerful healing medicine. You may find your healing thru meditating on protective and wise Dragon energy.

Also, intuition is heightened with Draco energy; insights, dreams, and waking visions, may increase at this time. And if you have been mulling over specific issues or decisions to make, you may receive clarity at this time – the answer may literally just pop into your head when you least expect it!

With Dragon energy blazing in the skies, fire and wind magic are both potent elements to utilize.

Draco’s energy is prominent in the first half of the year; on some June evenings the “eyes” of the dragon will be visible to star gazers.

The March Full Moon is given many names by different traditions and folklore; The Worm Moon, The Moon of Winds, The Fish Moon, The Chaste Moon, and so many others.  

Astrologically this is what I predict "in general" for the energy flow of the coming March 23, 2016 Full Moon Eclipse. For more detailed and accurate information, a full astrological chart is recommended. I do not offer these services to the general public at this time. I suggest you look into local metaphysical shops if you are interested in a full astrological chart.