Your thoughts impact your image! Are you a little or even a lot over weight? Are you unhappy with your body? A lot of people out there are not happy with with their body for different reasons.

When you look in the mirror do you smile and take instant notice of your best qualities? Do you glance at yourself and say "I have a great smile" or "My hair looks great today!" A lot of you out there don't do this.

Self-appreciation is not vanity - although some people may view it that way. It is important to care for yourself and to appreciate your finest qualities. There is nothing vain in this!

Your thoughts impact your life!

If every time you pass a mirror you think to yourself, "I am looking much older now" or "Ugh, I am fat" you are telling yourself that you are these things - you are affirming it to yourself, and you are allowing yourself to "look older" or "get fatter" because you are thinking yourself this way - you will subconsciously create these images for yourself and your body will manifest what you are focusing on - an older looking you or a fatter looking you.

Changing this bad habit is simple. All you have to do is take time to appreciate yourself. Even if you are getting older, it doesn't mean you have to look older! You can say to yourself every time you pass the mirror or when you are getting ready in the mirror "Wow I am looking great for my age, people always say I look at least ten years younger than I really am, it feels great to look so youthful and vibrant." And instead of telling yourself you look fat you can say "I am looking thinner and thinner every day, I am losing weight and shaping my body in way that is pleasing to me."

You CAN think yourself YOUNGER - You CAN think yourself THINNER! Change is in the mind. Hypnosis is a great example of this. Hypnosis is fast, easy, and effective when creating change. It is a proven tool in self-improvement. 

In a deep state of hypnosis your hypnotist will give you positive affirmations/suggestions to help you create the changes you seek in life. Hypnosis works fast, because your hypnotist plants these seeds of change in your subconscious mind - the seat of all your habits. Change happens quickly on this level.

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