What Is Hypnosis Like?

You are curious about hypnosis and want to learn what it is like to be hypnotized?

So, what is it like?

This is a question we often get by those who are intrigued about experiencing hypnosis, but want to know a little more before actually sign up for it. Some people think they are going to be “knocked out” or “put to sleep” for the session, which is a common misconception of hypnosis. In fact, hypnosis does not put you to sleep and we aren’t going to knock you out, rather we will simply guide you into a state of peaceful, deep relaxation, very similar to meditation. I like to think of hypnosis as meditating with an intense focus to create powerful and fast change.

The use of meditation and affirmations to generate change is gaining popularity and its results are amazing simply because it works! Meditating and using affirmations together will generate changes, if done repeatedly over time.

Now add the practice of hypnosis to that and you will find that it not only works, but it works much faster!

When you use hypnosis to generate change, the reason it works faster is because you have someone (your hypnotist) guiding you into a state of deep relaxation-with your consent of course, and when you reach that state of deep relaxation your conscious mind (your ego – who likes things the way they are right now and doesn’t like change) gets relaxed and distracted by that calm feeling of deep relaxation, and your hypnotist is able to communicate with your ‘subconscious mind’ which is where habits are formed, removed, and positive new ones are easily created.

The use of hypnosis to generate change is very effective! In fact some changes, like smoking, stuttering, bed wetting, or debilitating pain to name a few, can be made in just one session; while other changes may take a short series of multiple hypnosis sessions. It really depends on the needs of the client and how strongly they are attached to the habit they want to change.

I have had great success in helping people quit drinking alcohol and effectively losing weight in a short series of multiple hypnosis sessions. I have worked with people who have gone to AA and other support groups for several years, but still struggled to give up habits that only continued to dominate their lives in harmful ways. I have been told by these people, I really wanted to quit but nothing worked – until hypnosis!

The key to success with hypnosis is you have to want the change to happen. If you truly want the change to happen, you will succeed in the hypnosis program you choose.  

So, now that I kind of understand what hypnosis is like - what are the odds of me being hypnotized, if I’m kind of a skeptic?

The odds are fairly good – because the key to success is you have to want the experience! Even if you are a skeptic, if you want the experience, there is a good chance you are going to experience hypnosis!

Hypnosis, as I said is similar to a state of deep meditation, with an intense focus on creating a specific change. The truth is many people have already experienced hypnosis in some form and didn’t even realize it. Have you ever been to a movie and got so lost in the plot that when something shocking happens you jump or scream or get taken by surprise? That is a form of hypnosis.

There is also highway hypnosis, this happens when you drive to and from a location so often that because you know exactly where you are going, your mind goes into auto-pilot while you are driving and your thoughts are on other things, and before you know it you have arrived at your destination, and time seems to have breezed by (we call this time-compression) and you don’t even remember passing the normal landmarks you drove by on your way to your location like the Post Office or gas station. This is one of the most common forms of hypnosis!

Coming from a family of bookworms, I often compare hypnosis to being lost in a really good book. Have you ever read a book, and became so involved in the characters that if something bad or exciting is about to happen your heart starts to race because you are worried that something terrible is about to happen next or you anticipate something wonderful is going to happen to your favorite character? If you are reading in bed, no matter how tired you are or how early you have to wake up in the morning, you are so mesmerized by the story you just can’t put it down? That is also a form of hypnosis!

So, if you are asking me what it is like to experience hypnosis I recommend you read a book, read something fictional, that could be science fiction, romance, or magical – anything that sparks your imagination and takes you into another world; that is exciting, has some mystery or suspense and maybe a little romance in it, and see how the story impacts you. Seriously, while you are reading, take notice of how it affects you! Are you are able to put the book down when you are tired and need to stop reading or does the story have you so focused and enthralled you just have to continue reading to find out what happens next? Reading a good book can easily put you into a place of self-hypnosis. Click the following link to read a little more about this mesmerizing book!