November Full Moon in the House of Taurus

November 4, 2017

1:22am EST

The Frost Moon


The November full moon is called many names including the Beaver’s Moon, the Hunter’s Moon, the Trading Moon, or the Oak Moon. I prefer to call it the Frost Moon. This coming full moon is in the house of Taurus bringing much good fortune. Taurus energy brings powerful magic, romance, love, good fortune, and an abundance of supportive energy towards generating effective change.


Taurus full moon energy, generates magic. Now is the time to work on your goal list and start creating effective changes in your life. Next month we will have our final Super Full Moon and Micro New Moon of 2017. The abundance of positive energy that this November full moon will shower upon us will help us to move closer to the goals that we set for ourselves today. From right now, up until next month’s super moon’s, the energy of powerful change will strongly be in your favor, if you are willing to work with it.


Now is the time of growing opportunity. Take advantage of this time, by writing out the changes you would like to see manifested in your life. As you set your intention clearly with deep focus, you will see changes start to roll in favor of your highest good. Right now, change can come rapidly with intense focus.  


Both Venus and Neptune have strong influences over this moon phase. This can open doors to new friendship, love, and romance, if you are open-minded and willing to accept the unexpected opportunities that come about.


Business opportunities will be supported favorably as well. Remember to keep your intentions positive. Do not allow stress, deadlines, or fear of the unknown, to influence you in work or business this month, because what you focus on, you will attract more of! Your intention regarding business or work affairs should be of success and empowerment. A positive mindset will manifest favorable business and work outcomes.  


Take advantage of this powerful moon by doing some self-exploration. If you have felt that your life has been at a standstill, or that you just aren’t living the happy/prosperous life you know you deserve to live, now is the time to decide to release those blockages.


You release those blockages by getting out of your own way! Many times, people who feel “stuck” are guilty of self-sabotaging themselves. Self-sabotage usually comes down to inner fear or from a terrible experience of the past that you are clinching on to. Release those fears! Set yourself free! It is time to come out of your comfort zone and experience the many benefits of change and the excitement of the unknown.


Take out a piece of paper and write out the things you would like to create, that will make your life more fulfilling and joyful. Then take another sheet of paper and write out all the reasons you want these changes. On the other side of the paper write out why you cannot have these changes or why you feel you do not deserve these things. It is usually fear or self-criticism that gets in the way.


Do some honest self-evaluation. Consider your fears and meditate on releasing them. Recognizing the things that may be preventing you from achieving your goals will help you be aware when those issues pop up to stop you from moving forward. As they surface to try to stop you from moving forward, meditate again and release them. Using the powerful influence of the full moon can help you generate change quickly. Knowing that YOU are the only block between YOU living the happy/ prosperous life that YOU want, is the first step towards creating the changes needed. Recognizing that you are in control of where your life is going, will point you in the right direction of manifesting what is missing in your life.


For those of you familiar with the Tarot, the following cards; the Fool, and the Magician, are great meditation focal points right now. These two major arcana cards combined, influence the courage to take a leap forward into the unknown and the wisdom to create the changes you seek. They also generate trust in the Universe to get you where you want to be.


Know that the power of change is inside of you – the Universe is both abundant and giving. The power of the moon is in your favor. Now is the time to create the happy/prosperous life you deserve to live. Believe in yourself and know that the Creator wants you to live a full and wonderful life. Put yourself first - Choose to decide that now is the time to live outside of your comfort zone, and welcome the unknown and the changes that come with it.