A New Window

A New Window

Eric Van Fossen PA-C, CH


A couple of weeks ago in my work as a Physician Assistant I was seeing a guy for an emergency room follow up. He needed to have stitches removed from his arms. I asked him what had happened that he ended up with so many lacerations.

He said that for the past years his big two pane picture window in the front room of his house had developed a fog in between the two panes. On one hand it was very frustrating for him because he was unable to see out beyond the window. I think the guy was an optimist. He said it was also kind of nice in a way, because at night the picture window served as a great impromptu mirror. At night, anything in that lit up room would be reflected in the window due to the fog. He could sit on the couch and see the reflection of his kids whether they were on the other end of the couch or upstairs on the balcony. Even the television image would be thrown onto the window mirror.

On the day of his emergency room visit, he had decided to see if he could replace the window. As he was removing the trim from around the edges it suddenly imploded.  He was sure that he did not hit or push on the glass. He almost wondered if someone from outside had picked that exact time to throw a rock or maybe even shoot it out with a pellet gun. He was rather flabbergasted as to how it happened, but the multiple cuts on his arms were proof that something at least had occurred.

He went to the emergency room and got stitched up with no other concerns. He got a tetanus booster just to prevent any future infections. The next day he called a professional and had the window replaced with triple pane glass. He thought that he was going to miss the old window. It had become a normal thing in his life; but the reflections it had provided were to be no more. Instead, what he found was that the new window afforded him a clear view out of the house. It was a different view almost. A clear view of things he had not noticed out there on the street.

For a grown man he was pretty excited about this. Apparently, he had never noticed that the tree out front had a bird’s nest with several baby birds in it. He intended to watch them until they were fully grown and went out on their own.

There was never any fog again. His wounds had healed quite nicely and I predicted minimal scarring given enough time. I removed his stitches and didn’t bill him for the visit.