“Realistic expectations based on prior experiences” 



To call it an argument would be incorrect. It’s more like a fun debate we have often. We named our business Balanced Perceptions because we approach our lives and our hypnosis practice from opposite ends of the spectrum. We balance each other. The hypnosis programs we create are also a balance of our two perspectives.  

Miss Shaw is a wonderfully spiritual person that is a very intuitive empath. The universe and all of its mysteries is her playground. On the other hand, I tend to approach life based on facts and science. I have operated the nuclear power plant on a submarine and have worked in the medical profession for twenty-five years. Facts and data are just a vital part of life for me. To Miss Shaw, facts and data are merely a footnote in life.  

So when I get caught having negative thoughts and words on an event, I get called out on it. When I try to predict the future in a negative way I get gently reminded that, according to the law of attraction, I am calling forth those negative outcomes from the universe.  

My counter point to her is that I am simply recognizing, “Realistic expectations based on prior experiences”. 

We go back and forth on these two different viewpoints at least once a week. I am apprehensive to let go of what has kept me grounded for so many years. However, I find my resolve dissipating as our time working together builds up. 

Please don’t tell her I said this; but I think I prefer her viewpoint over mine. What if I can bring the outcomes and positive energy to my life by simply focusing on them? That would be a wonderful thing, science be damned. 

Quantum physics is slowly changing the way we look at the world. Apparently, a particle of energy can be present in two different places at the same time-until it is recognized to exist in one specific location. Everything around us is composed of energy and vibration on the molecular level; we are just unable to either comprehend it or recognize it. 

So if I can barely accept that fact and minimally comprehend it; who am I to scientifically judge all of the energy and vibrations of the entire universe? I am realizing that I would much rather focus on the positive possibilities out there than my “realistic expectations”. If undesired things are going to happen, then they will. Maybe it is part of the master plan or just curves on the road I am meant to travel. Some of the best things in my life were unexpected and unplanned. I have been granted blessings even when I wasn’t trying to attract them to myself. Just imagine what could come my way if I focus on the positives things I want in my life.  

Remember to not tell Miss Shaw I said all of this as I am trying to attract the notion to her that I was right in this debate.