A Positive Mindset

The use of affirmations and mindful thinking goes hand in hand with hypnosis or the use of meditation to create positive self-change. This concept is rather old, it's nothing new. Many of the greatest scholars, poets, and spiritual teachers from Rumi to Jesus taught that your mindset impacts your life path.

Regardless of your faith or spiritual beliefs - your mindset impacts your life path. If you believe yourself a failure - you will fail at the things you "try" to do. Your belief in failure will create failure after failure. If you believe you are successful - you will create success in your life - the stronger your belief in success, the more success will manifest in your life. Failure and success are both in your mind and is influenced by your mindset.

If you are overweight and every time you look in the mirror and think "I'm fat" you are only allowing yourself to remain fat, because you are affirming to yourself - that you are FAT! If you change your mindset to affirm something positive such as - "I am beautiful just as I am," you will start to recognize your inner beauty and you will begin to notice yourself appreciating yourself more, by taking better care of yourself, perhaps changing your eating habits or beginning an exercise routine to shape your body to reflect what you believe is beautiful for you.

Your thoughts can change your life! One positive thought in the morning can change your entire day - and lead to significant life changes.

Affirm to yourself: I am beautiful just as I am. I am enough. I am worthy of success. I am loved.