Just a Monday morning drive

Eric Van Fossen


I was followed by a rainbow one morning.

Another Monday morning and I was on my way to work. Apparently, there had been some spotty showers overnight but my driveway was dry. I didn’t notice the rainbow right away. I first found it, or it found me, once I hit the country roads that make up about one half of my forty minute commute. I glanced over my left shoulder and there it was; a rainbow for free. I did not pay in rain for this spectacle. This particular rainbow was gifted to me

I enjoy looking out over the fields as I drive. My route to work continues to become more circuitous as I find new roads and fields to explore. If I don’t try a new route every now and again the drive gets boring. All year long I get to watch as the crops begin to grow, reach maturity and are harvested. There is one field that has a corner way back from the road. Because of a protective tree line, one has to be at just the right angle to see back there. I often will see a herd of deer grazing there; hidden from the casual observer. I consider that little corner my own amongst the other drivers. I am sure I am the only once that looks hard enough to have found the corner and the deer. It always feels like a blessing.

I used to drive past an elk farm. It was rather large and the fenced pasture came all the way out to the road. I was really surprised the first time I saw it. We do not have elk here in Ohio. I always enjoyed driving past and seeing the bucks with their large racks strutting around. (The adolescent boy apparently still within me, would show up every time and say, “Nice rack!”).

For some reason the elk farm that I enjoyed has switched over to raising cattle. I have seen cows plenty of times…it was time to find a new route.

One of my newer routes has me take a left then a right and that rainbow was still there. It was larger now, even though I was surely driving away from it. Maybe as the sun came up there was more light to be reflected? Either way, it was brighter now as well. On this new route, I go past a small farm that has several horses. This spring they had 2 foals. It is only a few seconds of a forty minute drive; but it is amazing to see the unbridled happiness of these foals as they prance and dance about. They are the purity of the true joy of simply being alive.

Another turn and that rainbow was still with me, larger and brighter. I thought to myself, “It’s obviously going to be a good day when you get chased by a rainbow!”

On the car radio, one of my favorite ballads from when I was twelve years old began to play. I got goosebumps all over my body. Music sometimes does that to me. The song played on and this particular rainbow started to fade as I turned up the radio. I got onto the highway… merging into traffic.