Balanced Perceptions’ “Angel Mindfulness Meditation” Series helps to connect you to your Angels through short meditations that can be done anytime you desire to connect with your angels.


Whether you choose to consciously work with this powerful being or not, everyone has a personal Guardian Angel. We are NOT alone! We are surrounded by powerful Angels who want to help us succeed on our life path. This is a wonderful thing!


Angels are not affiliated to any specific religion, so you don’t need to be religious to work with them. They are powerful, wise, and loving beings who come to assist us on our human journey.


Angels surround us with comfort, guidance, love, and protection. Anyone who wants to connect with their personal Guardian Angel can do so at any time by simply quieting their mind, sliding into a state of deep relaxation and calling upon their personal Guardian Angel to communicate with them. However, many may find it challenging to reduce the volume of the clutter around them to effectively communicate with their Angel. By using our guided meditation/hypnosis sessions anyone that desires to communicate with their guardian Angel will find the process much easier and effective.


Some people who are new to working with Angels may find it challenging to do this on their own, and that is why we have created the Angel Mindfulness Meditation Series; designed to help you connect with your personal Guardian Angel, and various other angels who will lovingly work with you to create wonderful changes in your life.


There are many Angels willing to work with you, including extremely powerful Archangel’s. In my experience, the Archangel’s don’t just work with one or two “chosen ones” out there on a “special mission” to change the world; they will come when called and they will come when there is true need. They are the Princes/Princesses of Heaven and extremely powerful to work with.


However, you don’t need to work with the Archangels to receive powerful Angel assistance. Every person has a personal Guardian Angel. This special being was with you before you came into your human form. This Angel has been with you, on your life path, since your birth right up to this very moment. Your personal Guardian Angel was assigned to be with you throughout your entire human experience, from before birth, throughout all of your life, until the moment of death; and will be there to greet you when you cross over into the afterlife. Your personal Guardian Angel only works with you and no other during your lifetime!


While you have a personal Guardian Angel who is always with you, there are many other angels who come in and out of your life for different periods of time in order to help you on your journey. For example, you will have an angel come in to help you study certain things when you are in college or training for a new job.


You also have a special Angel who will come and help you discover and perfect your talents whatever they are (art, music, dance, theater, & etc.) You have romance Angels, prosperity Angels, business Angels and healing Angels.


There are Angels who come into your life to teach you; Forgiveness, Patience, Understanding, Love, Peace, Intuition and the list goes on and on. Balanced Perceptions’ Angel Mindfulness Meditation Series is created to help you get to know these angels that will work with in the different areas of your life.   


In this series, we will introduce you to several Angels who will lovingly help you shift your energy towards creating the changes you seek in order to manifest positive self-transformations.


The Angels want you to be mindful that although you are always welcome to call upon the assistance of the Archangels and other angels to help you create positive changes; your personal Guardian Angel is one of the most powerful guides you can call upon for help. This is because your personal Guardian Angel has a lifelong contract specifically with you, and knows how to guide your path in the best direction with your highest good in mind.


Your personal Guardian Angel loves you unconditionally and protects you on your journey. Your personal Guardian Angel can help you connect with other Angels to help create any changes you seek in life. Your relationship with your personal Guardian Angel should be the most valued Angel connection that you develop in your spiritual journey.


Along with this, your personal Guardian Angel can also connect you with people in your life path to help you on your journey. He or she can guide you to the right doctors when healing is needed, to the right people when you ask for romantic opportunities such as your soul mate, the right employers when you are job seeking, and the right friendships/connections at the right time- just to name a few.


So please keep this in mind when you are discovering the different Angels out there.  Your personal Guardian Angel will always be with you, and can be a bridge to connect you to other angels and people who will benefit your needs on your life path. Open your heart to working with your personal Guardian Angel, before the Archangels and any other Angelic being, as he/she has your best interest in mind at all times 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.