May Full Moon In The House Of Scorpio

May 10, 2017


Full Moon in Scorpio


5:42pm EST


The May full moon is sometimes called the Full Flower Moon, the Full Corn Planting Moon, Panther Moon, Bright Moon, Hare Moon, or the Milk Moon, just to name a few names it has been given through time. Today’s May full moon is in the house of Scorpio.


When the moon is full, we are able to reflect on things that need to be changed within our lives. At this time of year, both day and night times skies are well lit up, so we are able to see most things that are usually hidden from sight. This can lead to a positive self-transition. To be able to recognize our weakness and to create change through that recognition, puts us in a place of power.


The full moon on May 10, 2017, is in the house of Scorpio, meaning it can be a very emotional full moon. Scorpio by trait likes a good fight, intensifies any situation it influences – for good or bad, is very driven, ambitious, loyal, and is passionate about things. Scorpio has an all or nothing attitude.


When the moon is full we take the opportunity to clear ourselves of things we don’t need in our lives. Have you noticed that the bright light of the full moon tends to bring those things that need attention directly into the spotlight - with great intensity. Metaphysically and astrologically the moon represents our emotions. It represents how we care for ourselves and others and how we want others to care for us. During this full moon, relationships are likely to either develop into deeper personal levels or they will end and allow you to move on without deep ties or regrets – in a happy, liberating manner.   


This full moon sits in a wonderful place among the stars, we have recently exited Mercury’s Retrograde and its post-shadow is lifting more and more each day. The days are growing brighter and warmer and now Scorpio energy brings transformations and regeneration to the table.


Secrets will rise to the surface, creating intense change for some. There are times when intense change is necessary to create positive growth in our lives and Scorpio loves to bring that change to the forefront.


Scorpio can make us a little obsessive about minor things and very determined to get things done, like right now! Be aware that those around you may be more emotional/touchy during this phase, because Scorpio affects all of us now.


The Scorpio influenced moon is cushioned by a sweet vibration among the stars that surrounds it. The only problem is Scorpio doesn’t send off “sweet” vibrations, it sends off intense, direct actions, it forcefully clears whatever is in its path, so that it can get what it wants. It can give us the energy, insight, and courage to take something that needs to be changed and change it into something that will benefit our life purpose.


On a positive note this full moon can remind us of the powerful energy that is stored within our emotions and thoughts. When it comes to co-creating our life path, using positive thoughts along with positive emotions is incredibly effective in creating powerful changes.


Whatever Scorpio brings up to the surface this week, choose to look it as something that you can easily take charge of. View it as something that needs to be dealt with that you can handle and know that you can direct the outcome.


The stars surrounding our full moon are actually quite happy right now, happier than they have been in quite a while. Pluto is in an excellent place to support positive transformations within your life. And while Scorpio likes to be direct and intense, it is also a fixed star associated with happiness, good fortune, and wealth. This is a wonderful time for business owners to advance and grow. If you own a business this is a great time to take advantage of marketing opportunities and for letting people know that you are out there.


Anything in your life that is in a state of chaos can be resolved through this moon. Scorpio being direct in nature will lift what needs to be resolved to the surface, to allow you to get to the root of the issue and to eliminate anything that needs to be cleared from your path.


The stars supporting this moon are in a generous and benevolent mood right now, and you may find that past situations, drama, misfortune, or endings, are fading further into the past. Now is a time where you may recognize that through time and patience, the healing of past inconveniences has actually occurred – slowly, but surely. Those wounds are turning into softer scars. The stars above us right now are beneficial to those who have done a lot of purging in the last couple of years, as they will see positive changes happening, good fortune, and wonderful opportunities rise.


Overall this full moon brings many blessings, but different blessings to different people. If you are not in a good place and feel that your life is still a struggle, use this moon to eliminate what is causing that stagnation or bringing challenges into your life. Just so you know Scorpio doesn’t like to let anything go, unless he/she understands every bit of why the lesson happened – this might make you emotional if you are purging something this full moon. If you are in a good place on your life path, things will likely continue to get better for you with this moon, perhaps you should use this moon to help others who are struggling? Helping others without asking for anything in return generates positive karma, so why not share in your good fortune by helping those in need?


The full moon in Scorpio brings direct transformation, it can help us to heal wounds of the past. It can help us to move forward and be productive in life. As this moon phase flows through us, we will experience positive transformation, we can be liberated from guilt, fear, or regrets, and we can focus on letting our more positive and happier side take over. Scorpio represents a very direct power. As long as you realize you are in control of your fate, you can direct your thoughts, your life path, your reality into something amazing. It is your choice to act. Now is an exciting time for action!