BREAKING NEWS; Time is not real


Here in the United States many of us change our clocks back one hour tonight. It happens in the deep part of the night and when we awaken we really do not feel any different. If it were not for cell phones and cable boxes automatically updating their time, I am pretty sure none of us would even notice. Our internal clocks continue on the same sense of time until we adjust over the coming weeks. Time is not real. The rising and setting of the sun is real, but our internal sense of time is not accurate beyond those two obvious markers.

This can be used to our advantage. We can mentally compress our sense of time when we desire. In hypnosis we use time compression to make undesirable events seemingly pass more quickly. Hypnotic time compression might be used during surgical or dental procedures, long airplane flights or even when one has to sit for hours while receiving chemotherapy treatments.

One of the signs of a good hypnotic trance is a sense that much less time has passed than actually has. Please enjoy the following excerpt from Balanced Perceptions “Time Compression” script.

I want you now to think about all of the time pieces you have seen in your life. How many clocks and watches and alarm clocks and cell phone clocks and computer clocks have you glanced at over the years which you have lived? Certainly thousands and thousands of times you have glanced at a clock. You can have a feel for just how many different time pieces you have held, used or owned in your life. 

Time is everywhere and yet it is nowhere. So many clocks and watches and timers but have you ever actually held time in your hands?


You‘ve never held time? That’s right. Everybody knows that time is not something you can hold or pick up or carry. Sure there are lots of devices which measure time…you have seen and used hundreds in your lifetime, but they only measure and keep tabs on time. Clocks are merely “time tracking devices” they really don’t even measure time… as there is nothing tangible there TO measure! Clocks and timers are not time. You may have had time but you have never held time. Time is not real. The concept of time is a man-made invention.

As more time now passes quickly by I want you to think about all of those clocks and watches and timers in your past. I bet, BUT you know...that a lot of them were made out of plastic. Did you ever wonder why time tracking devices are usually made out of plastic?  It is because time is plastic. Time is malleable. It can be bent and shaped and molded and stretched or EVEN squeezed down to almost nothing. This is your desire here and now. Time is unreal and we…you…can do anything you desire to something that is not physically real. You can use your imagination to mold it, shape it, stretch it or better yet... compress it down to nothing.

There are 24 standard time zones in the world. The entire world is not even on the same time! Time is not real and therefore we can…you can, alter your perception of it, make it what you want it to be or not be; fast or slow or nonexistent.