C.S. Shaw


All hypnosis is self-hypnosis; this is usually the first thing that comes out of my mouth when someone asks me how it works!

Hypnosis is the fastest and most effective way to create self-change. The key to success with hypnosis is this; the person who is being hypnotized, must want the desired change!

When the desire is there, the change will come.

When you hear people talk about how hypnosis didn’t work for them, it is usually because they did not have the true desire for change. I usually hear this when someone tells me, they went and got hypnosis to stop smoking through an audio recording or massive group session and it didn’t work. I then ask, “Well did you really want to quit?” And the answer is usually “No, I was told by someone else (doctor or loved one) that I need to quit, and I really like smoking.” In those cases, I tell them not to come back, until they are ready to quit.

My response usually causes their eyebrows to rise and eyes to pop! And sometimes I get, “I’m here willing to pay you to hypnotize me to quit smoking and you’re refusing my money?”

As a hypnotist, I know that my practice depends on working together. You (my client) have to work with me, to create a desired change. I can’t want or wish you to quit smoking - you have to come to me with the desire to do it, because you want to do it!

This is where hypnosis, whether it is coming from an audio track, a large group session or in office session, is a co-operative practice. The hypnotist and client are a team working together to create change. It cannot be one sided! The client must play a role in change; otherwise their subconscious mind will not accept it as a permanent change. 

A hypnotist will not and cannot hypnotize someone to do something they don’t want. The client must be willing, and her or his reasons for wanting the desired change, must come from within. And no, I don’t want to take your money just to have you tell me that it didn’t work! I’d much rather wait until you are ready for change, and are willing to work with me to co-create that change, and I look forward to having you come back and say, “Wow, that was easy!”

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You have to want it for yourself, no matter how you get the hypnosis programming, whether in an audio recording, group session, or private in office session, you have to be willing to create that change.