Full Moon On October 5, 2017

2:40pm EST



Aries energy will dominate the October full moon this week. As we build up to the full moon, you may notice your inner fire sparking and the desire to do something, change something, or experience something new.


Expect this powerful moon energy to only burn stronger within you as we come closer to the full moon this Thursday. If you are feeling the need to create change, as many of us are at this moment, start by writing out your goals and making plans. Focus on the changes you would like to make in your life as right now is the time to take action. The powerful driving force of Aries is growing resilient each day, as we approach the full moon.


With this moon we will have Venus trine Pluto and Mars trine Pluto, creating an energy of intense passion within and around us. Know where your heart and head is at right now – don’t overreact to things outside of you that you have no control of. Be aware that now is the time to take action regarding things you would like to change within you. Know that you have the power to change things. Harness that inner power and create changes today.   


With the Sun square Pluto and Moon square Pluto, an intense energy is growing; this can lead people to act out in negative or destructive ways. Be mindful of your actions and do not react to the negativity of those around you. A powerful person, is one who owns up to their actions and choices.  


With Venus square Saturn and Mars square Saturn, some may experience a strain in long distance relationships or may be drawn into the drama of other people’s relationships. This may cause a strain on their own personal intimate relationships which would otherwise be fine. Be careful not to take on the drama of others at this time. With the Moon opposite Mercury, you must be careful with your feelings and determine if what you are feeling comes from within, or if you (as in you “empaths” out there) are drinking up the emotions of others around you.


Jupiter is opposite Uranus during this phase, which brings opportunities and open doors. Working on business or financial goals right now can lead to quick/favorable outcomes.


Aries will influence powerful and intense energies within. Now is the time for your personal power to be directed toward creating powerful and positive change. Be mindful of your actions, do not allow the energies or dramas of others to influence your mindset right now. Accept your personal power, direct your life where you want it to be. REMEMBER - YOU ARE IN CONTROL!!!