The Angel Balancing Session


Balanced Perceptions, LLC


In an Angel Balancing Session, Summer Isme will help you connect to your guardian angel for support. In the session she will remove negative energies, sever (psychic) energy cords that no longer serve your higher purpose and ground (anchor) you to the Earth in order to help you create balance in your daily life. She will assist you with connecting to powerful healing Angels, along with your personal guardian angel. You will also experience the healing power of the Violet Flame.


Common questions about the Angel Balancing Sessions:


Does everyone have a Guardian Angel?


Yes! Everyone has a powerful being of light who guides them in their human journey. Anyone who wants to connect with their guardian angel has access to this special being.


What happens in the Angel Balancing Session?

  • You will be guided into a comfortable state of relaxation

  • Angelic protection is invoked

  • You will be anchored to the Earth by the Angel

  • Ms. Isme will use a crystal to sever cords of negative energy away from your energy field while Archangel Michael severs cords that no longer serve your higher purpose on the astral level; allowing you to clear away old and outworn energies from your body, mind, heart, spirit, and aura

  • Once the cords have been severed, they will be directed to leave your body, mind, heart, spirit, and aura, setting you free to heal

  • Ms. Isme will invoke a healing Angel and use Reiki to open and clear all negative energy from your Chakras; after they are cleared she will infuse them with healing light

  • A healing Angel will then be invoked to repair any energy centers that needs repair, in order to restore balance to your energy system

  • Ms. Isme will invoke the Violet Flame of Purification and Transmutation to purify and transmute any residual scattered or negative energy around you, into the love and light of God, to allow healing energy to flow into every cell of your being

  • Ms. Isme will end the Angel Balancing session by helping you to connect with your personal Guardian Angel. You may receive a special message from your Guardian Angel at the end of the session

  • Ms. Isme will assist you in coming back from your state of deep comfort; feeling calm, safe, and secure


What will I experience during an Angel Balancing Session?


The experience is unique to each individual. Everyone reports some kind of shift or change during and after the session. Some people report feeling the psychic cords or negative energy being pulled out of them, some people hear them as they are severed while others smell an electric discharge. If the client is resisting the clearing they tend to feel that resistance too. There is no physical pain, this is an energy healing session, so you may feel your energy shifting during the session, and you may feel very cool or very warm, despite the comfortable temperature in the office. An overwhelming feeling of comfort and great relief is how most people describe the Angel Balancing Session.


Some clients report seeing different colors of energy or feeling tingly energy sensations, warm or cool in different parts of their body, and others may report feeling a sense of floating (weightlessness). Some clients have reported connecting with a loved one who has crossed over.


All clients report feeling calm, comfortable, and at peace, at the end of the session.

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