For over twenty-five years I have been a family practice Physician Assistant. I have spent much of those twenty-five years talking to people about wellness concerns like weight loss, stress and smoking cessation. I have always thrived with the challenge of helping someone in need of a change, to see things from a different perspective, a different angle.  A new picture frame around a problem can be a powerful tool. A new frame can make the picture not only look different but feel more manageable as well.

Western medicine can do a wonderful job of finding and curing most disease states. We have pills for almost everything. This includes pills for anxiety, stress, insomnia, weight loss and smoking cessation. The pills help these health concerns. But pills don’t help the patient to change their mindset about these problems. For instance, a medicine for smoking cessation may certainly help someone stop smoking, but it doesn’t change the smoker’s mind about the smoking itself. Most smokers need to actually change their thinking and their mindset about the smoking in order to stay a nonsmoker. There is no pill for change. There is hypnosis. 

I have always been embedded in a purely scientific approach to solving wellness concerns. Before becoming a Physician Assistant I was in the Navy and operated the nuclear power plant onboard a submarine. Of course, that environment is highly scientific and has to be procedurally perfect. Every time. 

With becoming certified in hypnosis I too have had a new frame placed around my mindset. Hypnosis satisfies my desire for a scientific approach because it is scientific. We understand how and why it works. Wonderfully, hypnosis also opens up so many other avenues that are worth exploring. 

My partner C.S. Shaw has traveled several of these avenues for most of her life. She is a certified hypnotist that has practiced self-hypnosis and hypnosis on friends and family for over 20 years. However, she brings so many other wonderful tools to our Balanced Perceptions’ tool box. She also has a life time’s experience of working with Angel guidance enabling her to offer natural healing, intuitive guidance and channeled meditations. Ms. Shaw is also a Reiki Master.

You can imagine that the two of us come at problems from different perspectives and mindsets. We collaborate on every script we write to ensure it has elements of both our perspectives. This collaboration is to help our clients achieve the changes they desire in their life. 

Upon first meeting, we realized that my more scientific approach and her more spiritual approach to “change work” would not only balance each other, but be powerfully synergistic.  Sometimes, one plus one equals three. Our work together has been similar to two children at the playground on a see-saw. Back and forth we go and we go back and forth until we find the balance between our different perspectives. We combine our experiences and differing perspectives to find a balanced approach to wellness. Perhaps now is the time to balance your perspectives and improve your wellness.

You will find we are different than most other providers of “download hypnosis”. With Balanced Perceptions, LLC you have a choice. Many of our hypnosis sessions are available in either the male voice or the female voice. The sessions have the same content but the presentation will vary somewhat between the two. Please note that angel guidance and guided mediation sessions are either channeled or written from her intuitive perspective, so those particular sessions are available only in Ms. Shaw’s voice.

Additionally, you will find that most of our downloads are much longer than most other online providers. The market tends to want short and quick- fix “APPS”. But we are here to help YOU change, not to satisfy the market. You will find that our hypnosis sessions are very similar to what you would experience if you were sitting across from us in an office setting. You would not be satisfied with a twenty minute quick fix office hypnosis, so why would you download one?

In offering our services and products we have stayed true to what we feel works the best in hypnosis. To be honest, writing hypnosis scripts is really not that difficult. The hypnotist merely has to repeat the same positive statements or affirmations over and over but in different ways. Of course, we do incorporate this major hypnosis tool. But you will find our sessions are rich in metaphors and imagery which keep your subconscious mind interested and focused on resolving those concerns you use to have. 

Please be reminded: We do not offer medical diagnosis or advice. Hypnosis is not to be considered medical treatment or to be viewed as a form of therapy. Hypnosis can certainly be a compliment to your wellness. Always discuss any hypnosis you intend to pursue with your medical professional prior to beginning.